Common Misconceptions Regarding Custom Mobile App Development
Mobile applications are good for business and the applications are not only a requirement but have also become a necessity. In this word of startups and well-established enterprises, the mobile applications are used to stand out in front of their competitors. These companies are successful in boosting their business because of the application. But having… (0 comment)

How to use Whatsapp without Number Verification?
WhatsApp – the most widely used application around the world. It has replaced the traditional SMS and MMS and phone calls as well. It is available for free except the data charges that apply while you use it. You all must be aware that to use it, you must have an unregistered mobile number as… (0 comment)

Oppo F7 will be launched in Pakistan on April 20
Oppo F7 will be launched in Pakistan on 20 April (2018). This phone was launched in the market at the end of March, but now the Chinese company has announced its launching date in Pakistan. Chinese Smartphone Company, Oppo has called it as the King of all his mobiles due to its extra ordinary features.… (0 comment)

Easy Steps To Get Bitcoins
With bitcoin becoming a buzzword these days, practically everyone is talking about it. Bitcoins are being discussed by the governments in parliaments, broadcast-ed on national media and by financial policymakers behind closed doors. It is being discussed in offices, in homes and on the streets. However, while everyone knows about Bitcoins, not everyone knows how… (0 comment)

10 Best Android Antivirus Apps for 2018
When malware threat is emerging in different forms and types it becomes important to place some preventive measures against it. Here, using anti malware tools is one effective solution that keeps your device safe against all malware threats. In this article, we have discussed 10 best Android antivirus apps that you should try in 2018.… (0 comment)

Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2018
We all are aware of the evolution of man from apes, which took millions of years. The evolution was a product of the need for advancement, which was essential for the survival of apes of that time. But do you know that a similar evolution is gradually taking place in today’s age? No, it’s not… (0 comment)

Strategies to increase your iPhone App Downloads
The iPhone apps are undeniably flawless because of the Apple’s policy to review the application before publishing the application. That is the reason iPhone apps are renowned for their app quality and expressive designs. The iPhone app development is known to be a hectic process and it is not a child’s play for sure, and… (0 comment)

2018 Top Trends for Mobile App Developers to Boost Conversions
When you are planning to boost the traffic on your business website, you should take the Mobile App Design tips. Mobile apps today have become one of the most powerful tools across the world for gaining the attention of the prospective customers. It is really significant to build a responsive, eye-catching, impressive and appealingly designed… (0 comment)