Why Hire Custom WordPress Development Company
In the present time, all the business is appointing the most reliable available sources that allow their business to run smoothly. The needs of strategic services are essential at the present time to make the business reliable and effective. Most of the established and listed companies are using WordPress services in order to serve their… (0 comment)

68 Posts of Assistant Directors In PPSC Local Government September 2018
68 Posts of Assistant Directors In PPSC Local Government September 2018 Name of Posts, Qualifications & Eligibility Name of the Organization: Local Government and Community Development Department Post Name: Assistant Director (BPS 17) Education: (i) Master’s Degree (Second Division) in Sociology, Social Work, Public Administration, Economics, Psychology or LLB from a recognized University by the Higher Education… (0 comment)

How to Quickly Get Popular on Instagram
The frustrating thing a newbie in Instagram has to go through is not getting any suitable number of followers and having the lack of knowledge to improvise the portfolio. Most of the Instagram users struggle to get a decent amount of follower; leave around sharing of the pictures. Various Instagram users have vouched that even… (0 comment)

Mobile Application Development with Android
  With an exponential growth in the smartphone market and digital lifestyle trend, mobile app industry comes into focus. Current modern lifestyle is mostly based on a smartphone we carry in our pockets or purses, and connectivity has increased like never before. Everyone is connected to each other, the world, the society and what not.… (0 comment)

Project Commissioning, Operation, and Maintenance
Keeping a project up and running to expectations require a sophisticated technical process at every stage of the project from construction to the outcome delivered to the client. These stages can be broken down from commissioning which starts immediately after installation of equipment and systems, to operations, which ensures that the project is running well… (0 comment)

The What, Why and How of Sales Performance Analysis
The sales function is one of the most critical areas in the business organization that requires continuous analysis and performance improvement. If the business intend to grow and succeed in today’s ever-competitive and ever-changing market environment, then the sales manager should constantly keep track of their sales metrics to ensure that all their efforts are… (0 comment)

The 10 Best iPhone Games Of All Time
Games are the best ways to keep you busy and, and in this age of smartphones and tablets, it has become easier to find intuitive apps that keep you engaged. So, if you have an iPhone then you are in luck as it has a lot of games that are sure to please you. However,… (0 comment)