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Top 10 Technology Blog You Need to Follow Ever

Top 10 Technology Blog You Need to Follow Ever
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With the advancements that are being made in the digital industry, there has been a rise in the number of technology blogs. The blogs act as a perfect dose of information from all the latest that is happening in the World of technology.

As there are a number of tech blogs that are available over the Internet, it is important that you invest your time in going through only the best.

In order to make the choice simple for all the tech freaks out there, I am going to showcase the 10 best technology blogs that are a must follow.

1. Mashable

Mashable is one of the most influential blogs that are available on the Internet right now. This technology blog covers each and every latest news from the field of technology. The users can get all the reviews about the different gadgets that are being launched almost every day. There is hardly anything in the social news space which is not covered by the Mashable.

2. The Verge

Along with Mashable, The Verge is another technology blog which is quite popular with the tech lovers. One major aspect of the blog that sets it apart from the others is the interesting guides which are shared by the blog and how does it impact the society. The Verge will provide you with all the latest news that is related to gadgets and startups, applications and everything that is related to technology.

3. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is among the likes of the big technical blogs and caters its users will all the information related to startups and technology. All the reviews about the latest Internet products which are launched will be found on TechCrunch. The reason behind the popularity is the huge team which is working on the blog and a network of sites like MobileCrunch, CrunchGear and TalkCrunch.

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4. ZDNet

It has been more than two decades since ZDNet was launched for the users. ZDNet was bought by CNET in the year 2000 and provides its readers with a variety of technology news. This tech blog not only covers the major tech news makers like Apple, Google, Microsoft but also provides with product reviews, analysis of the tech related businesses and the different issues.

5. Engadget

Engadget is a perfect place for all the gadget freaks out there. There is almost nothing related to gizmos which are untouched or is left to be covered. Since its inception in the year 2004, Engadget has always discussed the cutting-edge devices and the technology that is featured by them. All the latest and the breaking news are showcased on the website on regular basis.

6. Computerworld Blogs

All those blogs which have gained a lot of reputation are basically those which feature the different bloggers at one single place. The Computerworld Blogs Computerworld Blogs is no different and is one of the respected and the oldest IT magazine out there. As a reader, you will have the option to choose from a number of informative blogs.

7. Digital Trends

Digital Trends is yet another source of technology and covers all the different stuff which is related to photography, music, motorization etc. As an Apple fan, you will be served with all the latest news that is related to it.

There is nothing to worry even if you are not so obsessed with technology as all the information that is put forward to the readers by Digital Trends will be easily understood by them.

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8. The Next Web

The Next Web is one of the foremost blogs on the web that caters its readers will all the tech related information on a daily basis. All the latest technology trends are featured on the blog. Reviews of the gadgets which are released are also a part of the information which is provided to the readers. The Next Web blog is one of the best sources of information that is related to business, culture and technology.

9. Wired

Any person will fall in love with the website, the moment he visits it. Publishing high-quality content is the objective of the blog. Most of the content which is featured on the website will enable a visitor to learn about how technology has impacted our lives.

Any reader would be prompted to think in a completely different manner. Wired also tries to showcase the different advancements that are happening around in technology.

10. Smashing Website

The Smashing Website is a favorite among the web developer and the designers. Featuring top-notch content is a regular for this technology blog. For all those people who are still in the learning stage, will find a few of the topics on the website to be a little advanced. This blog is best suited for all those who love to face a few challenges.

In The End

All the technology blogs which are mentioned in this article are rated as the best out there. If you are a person who loves to stay in touch will all the latest that is happening from the field of technology then you must definitely visit at least a few of them.

Author Bio: Bethanyq Brookes is blogger at toner cartridges in Australia.