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3 Tips for Selling Products on Instagram

3 Tips for Selling Products on Instagram
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Over the past few years Instagram has become a unique platform for businesses of all sizes to reach their audiences and boost sales. If you are not already on Instagram, there is a chance that you could be missing out on opportunities to grow your company. So, how exactly can businesses use this revolutionary social media channel to sell their products? Let us discover 3 brilliant tips for securing sales on Instagram.

3 Tips for Selling Products on Instagram

Optimize Your Instagram Profile

With more people using Instagram than ever before, if you want people to choose your products then you absolutely need to make sure that your profile is optimized for sales. Try to think of your business profile as a shop front for your business and therefore be prepared to spend as much time and effort curating your Instagram feed as you would creating your website. Moreover, the different elements of your Instagram page should come together seamlessly to provide an enjoyable scrolling experience for any potential customers.

Consequently, this means that at the top of your feed you need to have an on-brand profile photo that is easy to identify such as a logo, and a well-crafted bio. At the very least your Instagram bio should include a clear description of your business that lets potential customers know exactly what you have to offer. Furthermore, you can only add one clickable link to your Instagram page, so be sure to create a traceable, unique URL for this section to drive traffic from posts or stories towards your website. From there onwards, your posts should follow a consistent aesthetic.

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Engage with Your Followers

If you want to stay relevant to your audience then you must encourage people to engage with your brand. Providing opportunities for Instagram users to engage with your posts can promote your online presence, and over time, this can lead to an increase in sales. Where selling products on Instagram is concerned, it is not enough to have a high follower count. Your followers must also be engaging with your content. By sharing positive interactions with your customers, you can build a trusting and engaged audience. Not already liking and commenting on content posted by accounts similar to your own? Now is the time to target accounts from within your niche so that you can spark curiosity about your own brand.

Interacting with Instagram users using ingramer can prompt more people to pay attention to your content. In turn, authentic interactions can lead to an organic increase in followers, so if you want to sell more products on Instagram, then you should be engaging with your audience and marketing your products in these new and innovative ways. Nonetheless, if you would like some support improving your levels of engagement on Instagram you might want to reach out to a social media marketing expert. For example, you can find reviews of some of the most popular Instagram growth services by checking out this guide by Quinn from Quantum Marketer.

Instagram Exclusive Promotions

Sales and promotions are a tried and tested way of pleasing your existing customers and introducing your products to a new audience. Correspondingly, Instagram is an excellent platform for promoting any price reductions, new product launches, or discount codes exclusively to your online followers. You can include the promotional information in an image, in a caption, or even in an Instagram Story. No matter how you decide to display the information, always encourage Instagram users to click a traceable link in your bio where they can take advantage of the special offer.

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Instagram exclusive promotions can also pull in customers from your other social media channels. For instance, you can post a teaser on your other social network pages like Facebook or Twitter to encourage your audience from these platforms to visit your Instagram profile. Promoting Instagram-only offers among your other social networks can encourage the followers that you have already accumulated on these platforms to follow your Instagram account to ensure that they can take advantage of the current deal while also staying tuned for future announcements.

Ultimately, your Instagram business profile is sometimes the first point of contact a customer might have with your brand. Therefore, it is fundamental that you make the best possible impression so that you can successfully entice people to follow your business profile and purchase your products. By curating a consistent aesthetic, you can convert new customers into dedicated followers, and this can encourage repeat sales.

Looking for even more ways to bring your products to a wider audience? Embracing search engine optimization and posting search engine friendly content is the key to mastering social networks like Instagram. For further information about using SEO techniques to boost your sales, take a look at this handy SEO checklist.