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4 Key Tools for Marketing Your Business Content

4 Key Tools for Marketing Your Business Content
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The technique called Content Marketing is not new, in fact it has been used for more than 100 years with important historical background, but in the practice of Content Marketing, it is, for companies of any size a clear differentiator when approaching consumers.

Content Marketing is based on a series of activities for the generation, distribution and publication of content of value, with the intention of attracting and engaging with consumers and potential customers (leads).

If we start from the fact that people are looking for content on the Internet, to solve a problem or to get information about products, services or to see a company’s reputation, the best strategy is to take the initiative to generate and offer content that responds to that need.

The advantage of today is that we have tools that facilitate the generation, selection and publication of content without making a great investment, then the tools that you must use for an effective strategy.

1. The blog

It is the simplest and most effective tool for content marketing. A blog is your own editorial center, and the source of information it will produce, traffic, positioning, brand visibility and of course potential customers (or sales). An effective blog should be updated 1 or 2 times a week and you can use them to share articles, business events, process videos or use, White mumps (information documents, technical, etc.), e-books (Digital books) and PowerPoint presentations and infographics.

2. Webinars or hangout

Webinars or hangouts are tools that allow you to conduct online seminars with which you can offer formations, product presentations or courses. They make it possible to get to know the opinions of the public better, it is a great tool of probing and of feedback.

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3. Email Marketing

This is a very powerful tool that can provide excellent results, since it allows sending information to each user or subscriber, and sending it with a predetermined frequency, this should be appropriate). The key in building a list of quality and good size.

4. Social Networks

Social networks are essential in any digital strategy. They are a vital tool for creating a committed community around a brand and that is directly linked to the value of the content disseminated.

The process

From a blog count, you must start your content marketing strategy programs, so you have to close a spreadsheet in Excel (calendar and content) where you will place in advance, what type of content, what thematic and how often they will be published, this Of programs your content in advance will save you a lot of time, money and effort.

Once you have the content, in different formats, comes the stage of publication in your blog and the dissemination and promotion of the contents in all available social media, example: Facebook; Twitter; Youtube; Google+, Linkedin; SlideShare; Pinterst and Instagram.

Today companies have the possibility to generate effective marketing actions based on content without the need to invest large amounts of money, since in principle it requires creativity, some time and intellectual work for the generation of content of value, differentiate yourself from your Competition and position yourself in your market.

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