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5 Most Important Tips To Build SEO-Friendly Landing Pages

5 Most Important Tips To Build SEO-Friendly Landing Pages
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Very reasonably, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) always not assure the conversions.
Though you pay an extra dollar for engaging content, best SEO practice, employing paid digital media methods like social media and PPC advertising – none of these promise conversions, but the targeted traffic.

To acquire the aim of conversions, an SEO optimized landing page is the very important thing that features engaging media, bold headlines, powerful calls-to-action. For instance, experts from SEO in Bournemouth, SEO in Poole, and SEO in Exeter suggest not to drive traffic but right traffic; and prefer SEO landing page as a precise method to adopt.

Therefore, in this post, I am going to share some useful tips to build an SEO friendly landing page. SEO landing pages as the name suggested transform important to the algorithm that ensures whether the page is valuable to users or not. So, go through the tips and boost up the conversions.

1. Custom URL

When you create a page in Content Management System, it’s better to create and publish to the subdomain. For instance, when you build a page, either you can publish to your domain <www.yoursite.com/yourlandingpage> or keep <.pagedemo.com> at the end of your page URL like <yourbrand.pagedemo.com>

2. Proper Keyword Research

This is the most important thing and must not be overlooked.

Here, you are supposed to pick the words for that you want your page to rank in search engines. Keyword research is a little bit of lengthy process, but more you research, the probability to rank will be more.
For example, congregate the relevant terms for your page to build a keyword like a website design in Bournemouth or website design in Exeter.

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3. Strategic Use of Keywords

Once, you got finished with keyword research, prepare an effective strategy to employ the keywords as the Title tag, Meta description, Header tag – H1, H2, etc., Alt tag, i.e., the Alternate name of the image, etc. These practices worth highly significant to get your page top on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)

4. Securing Backlinks

Imbibe link from people on your page, which is a more efficient method of boosting up the rankings in search engines organically. This is because if a person does like your page content and like to link his website then ultimately he marks your page more authentic and informative. Let’s sip tips that attract people for securing backlink –
– Create unique and original content.
– Identify leading personalities in your field who mark your content relevant and useful.
– Employ meticulous technique to reach influencers.
– Not all links are treated equally. A link in healthy website performs far better than it’s opposite.
– You can start with bloggers for getting links and reach influencers by your method of work and explore possibilities with them.

5. Optimize Page Speed

Page downloading speed is one amongst super ranking factors. This is confirmed by Google also. Elongated page opening time tends the user returns causing higher bouncing rate as well as impact the position in SERPs. So, you can implement the below said tips to increase the page downloading time.

– Analyze your page with Google PageSpeed Insights to ensure optimum downloading time.
– Integrate small image file without compromising the quality.
– Ensure faster web hosting services.
– Deactivate or remove the unnecessary extension and plugins your page has incorporated.

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Final Thoughts

Ultimately, it is better to develop an SEO optimized landing page to boost up the conversion rate. Though, the good SEO practices drive normal traffic, however, right traffic to engage potential customers. Perhaps, this post will be an asset for the entrepreneurs who desire to get higher conversion rate.