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5 Simple Ways to Retain your Search Ranking

5 Simple Ways to Retain your Search Ranking
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Striving to rise through Google’s Page Rank to the top spot. Here are 5 Simple Ways to Retain your Search Ranking.

1. Update your Website:

It sounds peculiar, yet this is the most widely recognized error in the Internet Marketing. Google considers both Content Quality and Content freshness as a feature of its positioning ranking, so dependably keep your site by updating fresh contents to keep up your position.

Out of date methods, for example, “text only” articles can possibly bad for your Search Engine Rankings. In the event that you need to keep up your Keywords, you ought to update your content by including some mix of videos and pictures to your articles.

2. Speed up your Website:

Webpage speed has been a ranking element for quite a while in Google search, yet numerous sites don’t stack quickly — particularly on Mobile Devices, where a vast number of searches happen.

Google recommend Webmasters to get their Webpage stack time down to short of what one second for cell phones, which is quick. Nonetheless, in the event that you can’t get it that low, consider that consistently you cut off your page load time decrease page disused.

In the time that you are as yet having issues with your Website Loading speed, then you can attempt “Google Page Speed Insights” tool, this tool will help you to examine the issues backing off your load time

3. Expand your Link Building:

On the off chance that you have ranked for a specific keyword, then there is no compelling reason to construct extreme Backlinks to your Webpage. Building Links too speedily can be seen as a warning and can get your site banned. Additionally, concentrate on quality Links as opposed to the amount of the Links.

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At the same time if you want to need to keep up your keyword rank, then you ought to extend your Inbound Links to all the different pages on your site.

4. Outbound and Internal Links:

Sending Outbound links to power brand in your Niche Google to decide the importance of your Website. Internal Linking, link to the related articles on your own site. It helps in keeping up your Keyword Ranking, furthermore web search tool to better know the importance and restricted attention of every page of your site. Plus, it keeps clients on the site for a more drawn out.

5. Build Social Media Presence:

There’s some doubt in the matter of whether Social Media engagement is a ranking variable in Search, In any case, it’s especially obvious that Search Engines see every real Social Media stage as a power mark. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn all have a high PageRank in Google.

Links from these systems will Google decide the importance of your site. The more individuals Like and Share your content, the more visibility you’ll get from these Social Media platforms.

Well, that’s it. Apply the above five tactic will help you to uphold your authority long after you’ve rank for a particular keyword.

Author Bio:

Divya Shree is a digital marketing enthusiast works for zuan education, which is offering SEO Certification Course for fresh graduates and working professionals. She also loves blogging and a contributor on many marketing blogs.