7 Google Chrome Extension Which Are Free To Use In 2018

7 Google Chrome Extension Which Are Free To Use In 2018
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Google chrome is a mostly used web browser in all over the world. The popularity is very easy to understand and also very easy with the mobile devices and this all is due to its swift performance and clean interface. But you don’t know that Google browser will also benefit from the penalty of useful extensions which are available in the chrome web store. As you know that Google Chrome browser is already pretty great but there are also plenty of ways to make it better like the downloading of the extensions.

Extensions were essentially small types of apps which adds the extra features to a chrome web browser. As you know that Google has many dozens of extensions which were available in the chrome web store, which were helping peoples and do everything for them and save their bucks to save your passwords for you. You can also easily manage the Google chrome extensions easily by pressing the menu icon which is present in the upper right-hand corner of your web browser, then select the ” More Tools ” options and then, at last, choose the ” Extensions ” option.

After installing the extension in Google Chrome you will see a typically tiny icon for them to appear which is next to your URL field.

So, Don’t Wating Much More Time And Let’s Start…

Here Are The 12 Google Chrome Extensions Which Are Free And Very Useful : 

  1. Last Pass Extension

Remembering of your passwords for the various multiple websites will be the very tough thing for you and you will be the hassle with this every day And plus it can also be difficult to brainstorm the passwords which are both unique and also easy to remember for each new online account which you create. But don’t worry here is the solution for your this problem and it is “The last Pass”. 

Basically, the last pass is a Google Chrome extension which will make your this process simpler by generating a new and also secure passwords each time when you will log into your website. After installing a Chrome Extension you have to enter account credentials for your website which you want the last pass to remember.

  1. Google Dictionary Extension
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By heading towards the Dictionary.com or running for a Google to find the meaning of something is a very unfamiliar word which will take only seconds but you easily have done that thing even quicker than those with the help of a Dictionary.com Extension.

Instead of the opening of a new tab for finding something or a definition you can simply highlight that word and click on that dictionary icon which will appear next to the browser’s URL field after the installation if that extension. If you want then you can also click on the dictionary even when a word is not selected in order to perform a dictionary search.

  1. Flash Tab Extension

Let me ask you one thing that has you ever struggled related with studying for a test or learning something or maybe learning some new languages while keeping it up with your other responsibilities with you then in that case the Google chrome extension Flash Tabs will be helpful for you. This flash tab extension will show you a new flash card in front of you every time when you launched a new tab in chrome. It also provided an opportunity to you for study as you go about your other daily routine tasks.

  1. Boomerang Extension For An Gmail

Boomerang is also an effective tool which is used to in scheduling emails and also it will keep track of your send emails. This extension will give you an option which is you can send your emails later at any time with the preset choices ranging from a few hours to months.

If you want to get more specific about this extension you can do one thing that you can set your own custom time and also date as well. It’s particularly used for an remembering that who you have emailed and when you can choose to have a message boomerang back to your inbox if you haven’t heard a reply from whom you have send emails.

  1. Stay Focused Extension

When you have a job involves sitting in front of your computer screen whole day then, in this case, it will be easy for you to be getting distracted by the Twitter, Facebook and all the other countless news articles which were flooding the web every single day.

In this situation you must have to be keep focused yourself and also the stay focused is designed will help you avoid those distractions or you can just enjoy them in moderation. This extension will allow you to set a specific time restriction on certain websites within a 10 minutes being the default option and this tool will be very beneficial for you.

  1. Sidenotes Extension
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Slide notes are also an excellent extension and it is used in jotting down the things quickly as you will pursue in the web. This extension launches a blank notepad into a sidebar alongside a website so that you can easily take the notes without having to switch between the apps or sometimes maybe windows. Those notes which you take will be saved to the drop box so that you can easily access them later when you need those notes.

  1. Honey Extension

No one will like it when the retailers will spam your email with the updates and the newsletters even if they also don’t include the coupons. Honey is a Google Chrome extension which will eliminate that annoyance which is done by pulling up of the discount codes with pressing of the button so that you can no longer have to be sirf through the all promotional emails.

Once if this extension will be installed on your PC then you have to simply hit the honey button during the checkout and also a list of all codes will also appear alongside in your shopping cart. It will very well work with the big shopping sites such as a Target, Amazing, Flipkart, Jabong, Victoria’s Secret and Macy’s and all others.

I hope all these extensions will help you and you will love to use these extensions into your PC. If you found this article to be useful than don’t forgot to share this with your friends on your various different social profiles.

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