A New Mean of Transport – Gyrocopters

A New Mean of Transport – Gyrocopters
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Moving from one place to another in a big city is a huge problem as well as a time-consuming activity for the majority of people. However, if you want to forget about never-ending traffic jams, anxious people in front of a wheel, it is worth considering buying a gyrocopter that will change the way you think about moving from one spot of the city to another. This article will point the most important facts about a gyrocopter, its technical data and the reasons why it is definitely worth to get one.

1. What is gyrocopter?

2. Technical data

3. Why is it worth to choose it?

What is Gyrocopter?

Gyrocopter is a smaller replacement of a helicopter that may be used in big cities in a much convenient way than standard helicopters. The way of moving is the same as in well-known helicopters but gyrocopters were designed to carry a maximum of four people on the board, including the pilot. Nowadays, the customers may choose one of the three versions of gyrocopters – GO and BLACK – designed for two people and CLUB that is constructed to carry up to four people on the board, including the pilot.

Technical data

The manufacturer produces three types of gyrocopters to meet the clients’ expectations. They may be also modified in the way to provide the maximum satisfaction of using it. The sky is the limit.

The machines weigh about 300 kilograms and may fly with maximum speed up to 195 km/h from 500f/t to 1200f/t. The gyrocopters GO, BLACK and CLUB may get anywhere between 520 kilometres to 640 kilometres on a tank of fuel depending on tank size, and engine size as well as the weather conditions. The dimension of the gyrocopters is similar to the car. The length is between 5,1m and 5,7m (up to 8,8m including the main rotor blade). The width is 2,21m (2,28m with the tail rotor) and its height is 2,8m.

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Why is it worth to choose it?

The gyrocopter is a future when it comes to city transport. It has a lot of advantages that are worth to know, such as:

– gyrocopters are easy to pilot – every pilot will prefer to fly smaller machines rather than the bigger helicopter. It is better visibility, too.

– gyrocopters are also easy to maintain and are much cheaper than helicopters – the storage surfaces of the gyrocopters are also smaller, so you will pay less for it.

– it is fun – flying gyrocopters to work or to other places will be much pleased that driving a car. You may be also sure that this means of transport will make a great impression on your friends and family members.