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Applying These Techniques Will Make Your Presentation Exciting

Applying These Techniques Will Make Your Presentation Exciting
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Are you worried about your next presentation? Did you find the right conference rooms for rent?

If they are, it’s time for you to prepare and ace the presentation. Forget cue cards. They will make you frazzled and stutter, which is something you want to avoid. Why not try inspiring the audience by sharing a story? Better yet, throw questions to the crowd, invite one of them on stage and make them participate in an activity. Amusing visuals are also effective in captivating the audience.

Here are techniques you can try that will excite your audience.

  • Story-telling

People seek amusement all the time. Even if you’re in a business meeting tackling a serious issue, you still want to have fun.

Stories captivate the audience’s attention. It has sequences and series of actions. Thus, individuals who listen to it is attuned to know what comes next. If you want to engage the people, share an adventure, a problem or a suspense filled story. They are bound to listen until the end because nothing is more annoying than unresolved conflict.

Stories also activate the emphatic side of their brain. They become emotionally engaged to what they hear.

  • Exchanging questions

A healthy dialogue is conducive to learning. Encouraging questions are particularly useful in discussing a technical topic. It allows audiences to have a clear view on subjects that were confusing or difficult to digest.

Asking questions throughout the presentation, like after discussing a portion of information, enhances participation. It will make them alert of the flow of the presentation. Throwing a challenging question helps participants evaluate how much they’ve understood from the presentation.

  • Sharing the spotlight 

Two people are better when discussing a long topic. People’s attention starts to wander off when the same person talks excessively on a subject. Offer some variety by including presenters from their specialized fields. You can also ask someone from the audience or a volunteer to say something amusing but still related to the overall presentation.

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Offering the stage to the public allows them to express their opinions. Nothing makes a stale presentation than the one that isn’t open to people’s thoughts.

  • Conducting activities

A presentation can remain formal even if you include activities. Exercises, games, quizzes, and mini contests make the people feel like participants rather than spectators. An activity connected to the topic of the presentation helps the audience retain the information faster and stronger.

Here’s something you can try: ask each participant to introduce themselves before beginning the presentation. It helps them warm up to the people in the room. Fill-in-the-blank questions and word guess motivate the people to pay attention to the information presented. Hand out a prize or token to award their engagement on the topic. Breakout sessions in small groups is a great way to bridge the gap between each participant. It allows them to establish relationships with other people who have the same interests. Always go for activities that maximize movement.

  • Using props and multimedia tools

The product sales are higher when customers can see and experience the product. A demonstration of using the product and letting the audience experience it engages their senses. It also makes them absorb the message quickly.

The physical product engages the tactile sense, but if you plan to target the visual and auditory senses, you can add videos, animation, transitions, audio recordings, and music. Including a video produces the same effect as story-telling. It places the viewers in a state of being that can’t be achieved through normal presentations. Music and audio clips engage the ears while animations and transitions are amusing to the eyes.

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These techniques are not new. Presenters nowadays forget including these details. If you want to close a sale or plainly engage the audience, you can apply these techniques to bring your presentation to the next level.