Best Alternative for Pokémon Go Gymhuntr

Best Alternative for Pokémon Go Gymhuntr
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Updates for Pokémon Go are in the open and the game nerds are ready to play and explore them. And they are some unexpected changes in the game play and interface. The most recent changes are in the Raid Battles and the game developers have added a new exercise center highlights feature. This may be better for the players and this comes with outsider help. So, you don’t have to plan with your companions.

Gymhuntr is like the global platform where it releases all the Pokémon Go players and you can see who is the Raid Boss in a particular place. You can also see where is the momentum at its peak, so that you can challenge any player globally. This is really an ambitious move by the developers and they expect a huge response from this thing.

Now, we have explained you what is Gymhuntr and its features. We will now tell you what are the alternatives to it.

Gymhuntr Alternatives

There are many softwares that can be a substitute to a Gymhuntr map and we are going to list all of it below:

  • PokeOnMap: This shows you the real time Pokémon Go map and you can track Pokémon near you with this software.
  • Poke Map Realtime Locator & Radar for Pokémon Go: It will help you find all the Pokémon near you or a selected area in real time. The locations are real locations of the Pokémon and you can share the details with your friends as well.
  • PokeWhere: It does not attract or serves you with the Pokémon but it shows you the location and you can visit the place and capture the Pokémon itself.
  • PokémonGo-DesktopMap: With the help of Python and HTML User Interface this app can show the whole Pokémon Go Map on your Desktop screen.
  • Pika-Pika: It allows you to find the Pokémon in real time and give you the precise location and sometimes it also gives you the location of some rare items as well.
  • PokemonGo Map: This brings you all the details about a gym fight or a Pokémon in the version of a web-app or a native phone application.
  • Lure Squad: It is a software that provides incentives to the Pokémon Go Players by giving them rewards. With this it also allows the players to view the whole global map, where you can see what is happening in any gym fight.
  • FastPokeMap: It is like a PokeVision like-system which uses open street maps and Geocoding to find Pokémon for you.
  • PokeAlert for Pokémon Go: Whenever the app finds a new Pokémon within your vicinity you get a notification. It shows you the real time location of the Pokémon and also shows you for how much time the Pokémon is got to be there.

Pokémon Go Gym Map

Players use Gym Maps to find useful information about the Poke Stops and Gym Fights going on, globally. There are many options for a gym map but  Gymhuntr  is regarded as the simplest one.

  • Pokémon Go Map: It does exactly what it means. You just have to find and enter your city. After doing this you are ready to enjoy the game. You can find Poke Stops marked in blue and Pokémon Gyms marked in red. You can personally comment on a Poke Stop so that another player can visit the same place and read the comment.
  • MAPokémon: It has a better user interface than the previous map but some consider this map incomplete. This map can be the alternative to  Gymhuntr. You can help other by using this map and you can also get help from others. Whenever you visit a Poke Stop and you find nothing there you can blame that stop to be an error or fake. So that no other player wastes his time there.
  • Ingress: The map is developed by Niantic and these only developed Pokémon Go. This map gives you the most legitimate information about a Poke Stop or Pokémon Gym. However, the chances are not guaranteed but you should try this.

Pokémon Go Gym Map Live

There are many maps that show the real time location of Pokémon, or Poke Stops or Pokémon Gyms. The apps that are mentioned above can be the best Pokémon Go Gym Map live.


These are the best alternatives for Pokémon Go Gymhuntr. The map is good but you have several other options which are slightly complicated but they have more and better features for you. So you can go and try as many you wish until you find your own perfect software to play the game.

Revert to us for your suggestions and queries and Stay tuned for more articles….

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