Best USB C Wall Charger Reviews & Buying Guide

Best USB C Wall Charger Reviews & Buying Guide
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USB Type -C charger is becoming increasingly common in tablets and laptops, and USB-C cable also will become to be more and more universal.

Firstly, it’s become more faster. USB-C is the future when it comes to charging our portable devices. The reason for that is because the Type-C standard is able to deliver faster charging for small devices such as smart phones and it’s also being used for larger devices such as tablets, notebooks.

For the most part, the USB C cable is universal for phone, tablets, and even notebook. when it comes to laptop charging we always think about an adapter that usually has a power supply brick. Using those types of chargers can be quite a large hassle as they’re heavier, and you’ve also got a long AC adapter cable. Another thing about laptop chargers is that they’re only meant for charging that certain laptop that you’ve got, and that that’s why USB-C is growing so rapidly. USB-C is now being used with laptops and therefore, you can use the same USB-C wall charger that you use to charge your laptop to charge your smart phone.

That’s why we’re reviewing this TATTU 45W USB C Wall Charger with Power Delivery. Power Delivery is a powerful form of charging that USB-C offers. With Power Delivery you’re able to charge UBS-C compatible devices at a faster rate. So let’s take a closer look at this Tattu wall charger.

Best Best USB C Wall Charger Reviews

Design & Function

There’s a single USB Type-C port on the charger. Above this is a Built-in Soft LED light to indicate connection once the charger is plugged-in. That’s mean the charger is ready to provide power.  Another function is it include a foldable plug for easy travelling and carrying, tattu offering fits easily in a bag, purse, or backpack, but is only marginally pocketable.

Output Charging

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The charging that you get from this Best USB-C wall adapter is one of the best parts of it. That’s of course because it uses USB-C Power Delivery which delivers 45W of charging power. The first thing to about actually using this wall charger is that you have to use a USB-C to USB-C charging cable to charge USB-C compatible devices. And also you can charge your other devices without type c interface by USB C to lightning, USB C to micro USB cable etc.

It’s with its 45W of power that mean you’re able to charge MacBooks that use USB-C, and or Chromebooks that use USB-C, and can charge your 12 inch Macbook at full speed. That’s the main benefit of Power Delivery with USB-C, as most wall chargers that just use regular USB-C ports only output 15W of power but that’s a very slow charging speed for laptops.

At the same time, you can use the USB-C port to charge smart phones that use Power Delivery to charge at their max charging speed. Smart phones such as the Google Pixel, iPhone X, and iPhone 8 are examples of smart phones that use Power Delivery for max charging speed. You might be wondering how you’re able to use this TATTU 45W USB Type C Wall Charger Adapter to charge an iPhone, well you can use a USB-C to Lightning cable to charge it at its max charging speed.

Overall, this TATTU Power Delivery is great to use if you have devices that can charge faster than the standard 3 Amp charging rate that most USB-C devices can do. Definitely a good amount of power for USB-C compatible laptops

What’s more import is that, this Best Type C wall charger comply with VI level of CEC, ERP2, That’s mean a high efficient charging, power consumption under no load: < 0.1w, and much lower power consumption than most of regular chargers in the market.

Last not but not least, this charger is a combination of multi safety features work together to provide ultimate protection for your devices and your charger. Durable materials are made to resist high temperature. Intelligent design offers full protection against overheating/overvoltage/ overcharging. And with 24-month warranty, that’s make it’s more reliable to get it.


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