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A Big Hacking Crime Affects the Computers of 100 Countries

A Big Hacking Crime Affects the Computers of 100 Countries
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In a hacking crime thousands of computers in 100 countries has been hacked by a group of hackers. While, more computers are expected to hack soon in other countries.
Eventually the hacking has been made possible with a stolen tool of US based spy agency. In this incident approximately 57 thousand computers have been affected.
In this hacking incident the hackers sends a virus-ridden email, which contains a virus named “Wanacrypt0r” that encrypts computer data and if you want to decrypt your computer data then it will ask you for three hundred to six hundred dollar of ransom in Bitcoin.
According to experts, including Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan 99 other countries have been infected with this virus. In spreading this virus the hackers has used an error in the Microsoft windows. Although Microsoft had issued a patch to address this problem a few months ago, but all the people they had not yet installed this patch.
According to Cyber security experts say that unknown hackers has done a very big operation in the internet history by hacking 45000 computers in United kingdom, Russia, Ukraine, Taiwan, India, China, Italy, Egypt and Spain.
It has been recorded that 45,000 attacks have been evidenced on computers in 100 countries worldwide. As a result of this revolutionary hacking, worldwide the data of thousand of computers (individual and institutions) has been locked and it will gets unlock by paying a digital currency of 300 dollars in the form of Bit coin.
According to experts, these cyber attacks were developed in the “United states National Security Agency” (NSE) where hidden cyber weapon has been used with some modifications.
The Hackers steal this “cyber weapon” from NSA online hard disk storage last year. That’s why the Cyber security experts are worried but the US government had gagged and refrains from releasing details of this cyber weapon.
Currently nobody knows which group of hackers is involved in this latest attack of “Ransomware” virus and from which country they belongs. But Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan are the most affected countries while most of the British hospitals data is the mercy of unknown hackers.
America National Health service is also under the attack of this “Ransomware” virus while in Spain telecommunication sector computers are also under this attack.
According to the Russian Interior Ministry says that due to these hacking attacks their around 1000 computers have been infected in Russia.