5 Apps You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of
When first mobile phones came along they were something revolutionary and out of this world. They completely changed the way we communicate with each other. The second revolutionary thing in mobile industry was the transition of mobile phones into smartphones and the introduction of the app stores. Apps drastically changed the way we interact with… (0 comment)

The Vulnerability of Popular Android Apps
Everybody uses phones these days. In fact, phones have become more productive than computers. Below we will check vulnerability of Popular Android Apps. So, the reason is simple: one can do a number of things on a phone. It is as small as the fist of your hand and fits well in the pocket of your… (0 comment)

Major Differences between iPhone X and iPhone 8
Last year, Apple surprisingly released to the market three distinct new phones. Not bothering with an iPhone 7s, the cellphone powerhouse instead came out with the iPhone 8. Next they announced the iPhone X (or iPhone 10) as a unique celebratory device created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, and its features are… (0 comment)

2018 Top Trends for Mobile App Developers to Boost Conversions
When you are planning to boost the traffic on your business website, you should take the Mobile App Design tips. Mobile apps today have become one of the most powerful tools across the world for gaining the attention of the prospective customers. It is really significant to build a responsive, eye-catching, impressive and appealingly designed… (0 comment)

7 Best Icon Packs to Refresh Your Android Phone’s Look
 Android has always satisfied the various expectations of its users with creative innovations. No doubt, Android has gained such huge popularity among millions of users across the world. Numerous Android App Development Companies give personalized support for your various different requirements including the dedicate segments like refreshing the look of your Android phone. However, this… (0 comment)

How to Run Android Apps on Your Windows PC
Android emulators for Windows offers you the freedom to play Android games and enjoy other Android apps on your Windows system seamlessly. Using these apps, you can expect extra details and clarity while playing your favorite games on a full-sized monitor. These apps offer you seamless experience free from lags or possible bugs. These apps… (0 comment)