How Innovation Shows the Path to Success
Innovation is the essence of the life. It is the driving force behind a successful life. The epoch, in which we are living today, is a world of technologies where new innovations are taking place by each passing minute. Innovations are the mantra to lead a successful life. When a person succeeds people often gives… (0 comment)

Fantasy, Prediction and the Future of Crypto Trading
InTrade was among the most popular prediction exchanges in the world for a number of years. From Super Bowls to climate change, the platform allowed members to put money down on their convictions and compete on a host of different outcomes and events. Unfortunately, InTrade was forced to halt operations in 2013 citing financial irregularities.… (0 comment)

Workforce Management Tips To Build A High Performance Team
For some companies, finding top-notch people with the best credentials is the be-all and end-all, but human resources HR experts know that hiring a superior set of team members does not necessarily equate to building a high-performance team. To have a “dream team” ultimately focused on continuous improvement, companies need to invest in a workforce… (0 comment)

Disrupting Traditional Banking with Artificial Intelligence
Thanks to the recent advancements in the digital scenario; innovation has become an inherent part of everything around us. From buying groceries to booking a movie ticket, we see application of smart technologies in almost every sphere. Artificial Intelligence (AI) doesn’t need introduction, at least not since Google showed us how we can use it… (0 comment)

These Are the Game Changing Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for Retailers
Undoubtedly the retail industry is one of the early adopters of artificial intelligence. In fact, they need it essentially as competition is skyrocketing and consumers are more attracted towards online offers. A few days back, when FuGenX, a global mobile app development company, decided to extend its AI service portfolio, it went into a deep… (0 comment)

5 Habits for Digital Leaders to Adopt in 2017
With the start of year 2017 many digital leaders have decided to develop habits which are beneficial for themselves and for their company. Digital leader’s is not an individual but it’s a group of people who use the assets of the business with the vision of bringing a positive change in the company. Digital Leaders… (0 comment)