Samsung Launches 88 Inch Monster TV
It looks like Samsung likes to launch big screen  TVs. Earlier, Samsung announced to make 49-inch monitors for gamers and now the company has introduced a smart TV with a 88-inch display. Ultra-wide screen as well as Q9 TV has a slim QLED panel, due to which TV pixels will be the same for 10… (0 comment)

Google Will Teach Online Skills to One Million People of Africa
The International Search Engine (Google) will teach online skills to one million people of the continental Africa. Alphabet International Google’s Chief Executive “Sundar Pichai” said while addressing a press conference in Nigeria’s capital Lagos that their organization will train online skills to develop one million African children in Africa, including 40 percent of the women… (0 comment)

Google Pixel 2: Topnotch Camera and Advanced Processor
Smartphones Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL from Google are expected to replace old phones this year. Nevertheless, rumors are circulating that the proposed Google Pixel 2 will receive advanced features and, together with them, a higher price. In addition, the release is preparing and a cheaper model Pixel. Water Resistance One of the… (0 comment)

Top 10 Tips to Learn Legitimate Hacking
For sure, a person who gives you skills on how to hack has given you everything in this modern era. I hope you’re aware that the process isn’t easy, but your dedication and passion to learn is key. In addition, the knowledge on hacking is mostly unethical, so you should strive within the existing laws. … (0 comment)

Top Benefits of Symantec SSL Certificate
Cybersecurity has grown very vital on the web today with everyone now looking to secure their sites against the ever escalating number of cyber-attacks. Now, this is where Symantec comes in. Well, if you have no idea what Symantec is all about then it is a well-known security company that is known for delivering 360… (0 comment)

Nokia 105 and Nokia 130 Phones Has been Launched
Home of Nokia phones, HMD Global have launched  both Nokia 105 and Nokia 130 phones. Both phones are Excellent, standard design and elegant, with best features which are reliable and durable as well as have standard price. 1.8 inch color screen, both models have featuring LED flashlight lights and beautiful designs which will be available… (0 comment)

Samsung Introduced a New Line of QLED TV in Pakistan
Samsung Electronics introduced a new lineup of Samsung QLED TV in a function organized in Lahore 2 days before. This new line of QLED TV is highly up-to-date with its quality resolution which will make users feel free to experience this product which they have never seen before. This new line of Samsung is equipped… (0 comment)