Monitor the Employees in a Smart Way
If all the employees are hardworking and trustworthy, All the Organizations will be happy to take care of the employees need and of course the business profit too. Sadly, Most of the employees are out of the sync. They’re on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and that too on office hours. Some employees are looking for smartphones… (0 comment)

Why VPN Makes Online Gaming Better
Scroll, swipe, browse, click, install, open, create an account, and game on! More and more of the population who has access to the internet is being engaged in online gaming. Not only because it serves as leisure providing relaxing feeling while passing time but also due to the pride and self-confidence it supplies to the… (0 comment)

8 Things You Must Know About Performance Testing Tools
Performance testing is done to check how well the software can handle user traffic. By putting a simulated demand on a website or an application, it is possible to analyze the breaking points and the expected behavior. It is specifically used to measure reliability, responsiveness, stability, scalability and speed. As code changes from a team… (0 comment)

App Testing Types: Which One Do You Follow?
You know the timeline for app development? It takes approximately 3 to 6 months to get everything in place and work. Won’t it be heartbreaking to know your app is rejected after all these time, effort, and investment just because it has bugs? Mobile app development is an emerging market and it is here to… (0 comment)

8 Security Tips to Keep Your Website Safe
As a website owner, your biggest concern in the recent days would be the security of your website and it’s data. And why is this so, is because of increasing attacks by nefarious hackers. There’s nothing worse than having a nightmare of malicious activities being conducting on your website or seeing some terrifying alteration or… (0 comment)

10 Ways to Protect Your System from Virus
Emerging malware threats in different forms & modes have affected users around the world significantly. Today, malware attackers are writing more harmful codes to affect users in different forms. They cause data breach, system breakdown, ransom attacks and much more. These threats have been visible again with different names in 2017 with worldwide presence. Knowing… (0 comment)