Esports Careers You May Not Know About

Esports Careers You May Not Know About
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You may well be aware of the meteoric rise of the Esports industry, but did you know there are several very different career paths associated with it?

There is a growing need for jobs in support roles that require varied skill sets, such as finance, fashion design, translation and social media management, as well as the tech skills of game design and testing that you would associate with Esports.

Why is there a sudden demand for workers with these skills? Esports has come a very long way from its humble beginnings in the 1990’s. It’s been recognized as a legitimate sport in quite a few countries, and is in the process of becoming recognized as an Olympic medal sport.

Back in 2012, there were around 58 million Esports fans, rising to 89 million in 2014. In 2017, the forecast is that there will be around 145 million Esports enthusiasts – that’s a huge amount of growth in a very short time. 40% of those fans are not active players themselves, so it seems that there is an increasing popularity of Esports as a spectator sport. Esports fans have become a valuable target audience for big business and media companies.

Such demand has created an entire range of jobs associated with Esports, as this handy infographic from Computer Planet shows.

Some of the jobs available are:

  • Event/product manager: they oversee all gaming-related events and competitions
  • Team coach/analyst: their job is to manage the playing teams, and all administrative tasks associated with it.
  • Game translator: they provide translation and interpretation services for the gaming community
  • International tax manager: their role is to provide tax and business strategies for companies within the gaming industry.
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As you can see from the infographic, it’s not just about tech jobs, although they are an important part of the Esports infrastructure. If you are a fan of Esports, finding a job within one of these roles can bring extra benefits such as the chance to travel internationally, work with cutting-edge technology, and be part of the global Esports community.