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First Know What Is Inside Your Mattress Before You Order

First Know What Is Inside Your Mattress Before You Order
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You simply cannot risk your sleep and health by sleeping on any type and kind of mattress that you can ‘lay on,’ literally. Since your bed is the place where you will spend most of your lifetime, one-third to be precise, you should therefore give a proper thought to it and buy the best possible mattress you can.

Your bed and in fact your mattress should be your best sanctuary that should provide enough rest to your tired muscles, adequate sleep to keep you fresh and energized, and no pain when you wake up.Therefore, you must first know what you are sleeping on to prevent the unnecessary risk to your body and health.

Unfortunately, you will not find a pure and safe mattress easily in the market. You will have to conduct some research, read a few good and Real Mattress Reviews and know a few facts before you buy such as:

What does this mean? It means, all mattresses will contain high amount of flame retardant chemicals in it and this is something most mattress companies may hide from you.

Types of flame retardant chemicals

There are different types of flame retardant chemicals used by the manufacturers to make the mattresses fireproof!

  • One such type of flame retardant chemical is the Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers or PBDEs. However, due to health reasons the use of PBDEs is banned from using in mattress manufacturing in the US.
  • However, if the mattress you bought before this date it will surely contain polyurethane foam in it that may be soaked in such harmful flame retardant chemicals.
  • Another substance that is equally harmful is Boric acid. This is a very toxic chemical known to be a respiratory irritant and extensively used to kill roaches. It contains antimony which is a metal that is more toxic than formaldehyde and mercury. Several researches have shown that antimony can cause cancer.
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Such harmful substances can be hidden in your mattress even if you know that it is from a so called “high end brand.”

However, in most of the times you will find it virtually impossible to know what is really inside your mattress. This is because the manufacturers of the mattresses do not require mentioning the chemicals used to make the mattresses in their labels. There is no law to prevent them from claiming that their mattresses are safe when the reality may prove otherwise.

The trade secrets

Therefore, knowing the trade secrets before stepping in the shop is better than being ignorant of these facts. The secret is that manufacturers use different types of barrier fabrics such as:

  • Cotton treated with boric acid
  • Rayon treated with silica
  • Modacrylic fiber and
  • Melamine resin.

Few mattresses will off-gas such chemicals but will slowly deteriorate your health by leaking out over time. Research is your best bet.