What you Have to Do After Getting Punjab Educators Job Orders?

What you Have to Do After Getting Punjab Educators Job Orders?
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If you have applied for any of the post in Punjab Educators Job then you will have to know that orders had been issued for BPS-16 all categories and the concerning teachers have joined their schools. Now Chakwal education office is sending messages to those people that are on merit. Before Eid, ESE(S/M) are called for final selection and now after EID, BPS-14 and ESE Arts will be called for that. If your merit lies within the total seats range then there are maximum chances that you are selected. For example, if total seats of ESE(S/M) are 515 and your merit is on 400, then there are bright chances for your selection.

When the final selection will be completed( hopefully within 2 weeks after EID ), then the job offer letters will be given to the candidates by DEO(Primary or secondary).

What you Have to Do After Getting Punjab Educators Job Orders?

1- Collect orders from concerned Office/Officer, hope so training letters will also be issued along with orders. (Read terms and conditions carefully). Sign in on its back side on the provided space and get it signed by the issuing authority by going to their office in education Complex.

2- Get six copies of Joining/Relieving Report (Report Hazri/ Fargat) from any of the Photo-copier, and fill them carefully.

3- Make contact with your Head Teacher for Joining purpose. (Joining time will be 10 days).

4- Prepare six sets/files of all of your degrees along with orders and Joining/Relieving Report.

5- Write an application to the Accounts Officer to get the SOURCE ONE FORM for pay purpose, ask your school’s clerk to fill it or get help from any of the expert person, attach all of the documents with this form and submit to Accounts Office before 12th of the Month.

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6- During training you can ask for Medical Certificate; training center will allow you for the said purpose. (60 days will be given to provide Medical Certificate)

7- For the purpose of verification of degrees, if you are posted in High School then ask your Head Teacher for covering letter otherwise Dy DEO’s Office will be the concerning authority for covering letter. Remember mention the Returned Address of your office rather yours own.

8- If you are already serving as educator/teacher in Punjab Government schools, then you just have to submit change form in accounts office Chakwal so that you pay will be revised according to new scale. Get the change from any photo copier shop in Chakwal complex. All the other procedure will be same where the first step will be to get relieving from your previous school. In this case, degree verification will not be needed.

Become the part of excellence and serve the nation. Best of luck….. Regards

Reference: Fakher Abbas Syed SSE English at School Education Department, Govt of Punjab