How Technology Has Helped Improve Automobile Industry?

How Technology Has Helped Improve Automobile Industry?
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Technology has helped us to move from the connected vehicles to the driverless cars. In the UK, the automobile industry is rated as one of the fastest changing sectors. This is the case in most other parts of the world. In this article, we review how technology has helped to improve the automobile industry.
1.         E-Commerce in Automobile Industry

A recent study indicates that E-commerce is driving the auto industry. Through technology, we have seen the integration of physical and online shopping experiences. Basically, you are able to shop for a replacement part from the comfort of your couch. This also allows us to compare the prices or even find the nearest dealers. Through e-commerce, you can purchase a genuine AGM battery and request that it is delivered to your doorstep thanks to technology.

2.         We have More Fuel-Efficient Rides

Technology in the vehicle manufacturing process has seen the release of electric and hybrid vehicles. These are energy efficient models that have changed the past experience of rising fuel prices.Statistics show that more energy efficient vehicles are being delivered by manufacturers to customers. These vehicles are also becoming more affordable and hence it is easier for consumers to purchase one.

3.         The Rise of the Predictive Technology in Automobile Industry 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are at the forefront when it comes to delivering advanced technology in various sectors. The Automobile industry is one of these sectors that are benefiting from this advanced technology. We have seen predictive technology becoming prevalent in cars and, hence delivering a personalized experience.Manufacturers are taking advantage of the advanced algorithms that use data in automation of the process of vehicle assembly. Vehicles are also being connected to smart devices and also taking voice commands.
4.         The Self Driven Vehicles     

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In any discussion of how technology has aided the automobile industry, you will hear a mention of the self-driven vehicles. Recently, we have manufacturers testing the self-driven vehicles onopen roads. The vehicles feature a semi-autonomous capability in the form of the driver assisted technologies. Some of the features that these vehicles come with are the automatic braking sensors, the motorway lane sensors and also the mapping technology that helps in monitoring the blind spots.

5.         Technology Has Enabled Production of Low-Cost Vehicles       
Technology has also been instrumental in ensuring people can afford vehicles.This is by lowering the cost of production. We have seen technology taking over the assembly line cutting the expenses that would be used to pay salaries of assembly line workers. In addition, we have seen cheaper solutions being used in vehicle assembly ensuring that the overall cost has been reduced. This is the reason why most households are owning vehicles. The technology has enabled the middle-class people to own vehicles.      

Technology is changing the livelihood of people. This is by changing how things are done in different sectors of the economy. One of the sectors where there have been changes in the automobile sector. This on the vehicle production process, the features added on the vehicles and also how accessible vehicles have become through e-commerce.