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How to Make Money Online Part 2 – Ads Placement Networks

How to Make Money Online Part 2 – Ads Placement Networks
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Ads placement is the easiest way to earn money online. In this method, you have to register for an ad placement network and they will show random ads on your website at home page, posts or pages. In this case, they give you the choice to select the ad size and place them at bottom, between, header, footer or sidebars.

How to Make Money Online

You have heard about Google Adsense which is the most successful ad placement network run by Google. These sites pay you per click or per impression for each ad placed on your site.

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Given here the list of top ads placement sites and a short description with it;


Just create a blog using any of the CMS platforms like WordPress, blogspot, Joomla, Drupal etc., publish some good informative content and apply for the Google Adsense program.  After approval of the account, Google provides you and ad code that you will place on any of you page or post. On each click or impression, your adsense account will be credited with a certain amount.

Keep the following things in mind before applying for Google Adsense

  • You should have a good TLD preferably .com domain
  • You blog has at least 40 articles or posts
  • Website age should be 4 month at least with continue work at least 2-3 posts per week
  • Website structure should be simple and professional
  • 100 to 200 visitors per day
  • Original content without duplication
  • Each post should have more than 300 words i.e. avoid thin content


·        Infolinks.com

This is another network for ads placement through which you can earn a lot of money. You can withdraw your amount via paypal and western union through it. Infolinks are based on text, popup and images where the infolinks are highlighted green in the inline text. When user clicks on the text ad, your account will be credited at the same time. Payoneer account can let you withdraw money after 50$ while western union after 100$.

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·        Media.net

This is CPM or cost per mile network which is a joint system from Yahoo and bing. This network is based on impression so you have more chances to earn than adsense. For example, if you have 1000 impression then you can earn 2 to 5$ per day.

You have more chances of media.net approval if your maximum of traffic comes from USA and Canada e.g. minimum 20%.


·        Buysellads.com

This is a direct ad placement site where you register your site on the network. Place the code on different locations of your website, set your price per month or per 7 day for each ad unit. Initially, these ad units will be empty until a advertiser on buysellads buy a empty space from you through the network. You have chances to set your own price of ads e.g. header ad for 100$ per month, sidebar ad for 50$ per month and footer ad for 25$ per month. You can even charge 50000$ per ad if your site impressions are high.


·        Chitika.com

Easy to register and implement on your website and you can start earning right after it. It also works like adsense and other advertising platforms.

Following are its top features

  • Free account
  • Select your ad types
  • Withdraw money for even low payment
  • Top quality advertisers
  • Smart ad technology


·        Bidvertiser.com

This is simple and easy to implement pay per click advertising network. It is similar to chitika however it gives more choices to select you ad category.

Following are its top features;

  • Select your desired category
  • Select your choice of channel
  • Select desired keywords
  • Set your geographic area
  • Set your rates for pay per click
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·        Exponential.com

This is also an advertising network having a huge network of advertiser and publishers. This site is working from since last 10 years having the highest eCMPs. It has 3 type of programs for its publishers each having different features;

  • Self service partnership
  • Technology Service Partnership
  • Enterprise service partnership


·        Taboola.com

Taboola has captured a huge market in a short time. It shows text plus image base ads below comment section of your posts. If you choose, it can give you high earning in a short time. Following are its top features;

  • Native advertising
  • Get revenue from products and services
  • Editorial control over ads
  • Works on all devices


·        Adroll.com

If you are not satisfied with any of the above then it is good to use adroll on your website. Following are the top features from it;

  • Great control and transparency over ads and revenue management
  • Integrate adroll with any of your social networking app
  • Suitable places for ad placement


Following are some of the other great platforms for placing ads. The procedure for all of those is just like you have learned above. For any confusion, just ask your query in comment section.

  • 7search.com
  • advertise.com
  • ezanga.com
  • revcontent.com
  • adknowledge.com
  • tlvmedia.com
  • 50onred.com
  • matomy.com
  • pulse360.com
  • criteo.com
  • clicksor.com
  • conversantmedia.com
  • exponential.com
  • sitescout.com
  • gnitionone.com
  • market.epom.com
  • dntx.com
  • trafficvance.com
  • adengage.com
  • pocketcents.com
  • adblade.com
  • adsmonster.com
  • adbrite.com
  • kontextua.com
  • resultlinks.com
  • rocketfuel.com
  • outbrain.com
  • adlandmark.com
  • miva.com
  • contextweb.com
  • affinity.com
  • industrybrains.com
  • clickbooth.com
  • cpxi.com
  • superlinks.com
  • inmobi.com
  • millennialmedia.com
  • airpush.com
  • vibrantmedia.com
  • leadbolt.com
  • advertising.apple.com
  • mobvista.com
  • perfectaudience.com
  • chango.com
  • trafficforme.com
  • looksmart.com
  • dynamicoxygen.com
  • admanage.com
  • taggify.com
  • blogads.com
  • sulvo.com
  • revenuehits.com
  • undertone.com
  • medianexusnetwork.com
  • haxhax.com
  • propellerads.com
  • pulsepoint.com
  • wwwpromoter.com
  • adfocused.com
  • adhitz.com
  • youtube.com
  • dailymotion.com
  • tune.pk