How to Spy on your Boyfriend’s text Messages Without Knowing him Using Cocospy

How to Spy on your Boyfriend’s text Messages Without Knowing him Using Cocospy
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Are you suspicious of your boyfriend’s activities? Perhaps he is no longer picking calls in your presence, has a complicated security lock on his phone and he doesn’t want to share with you and many other things that you find not cool for the relationship.

Technological advancement has made it quite easy for spouses to cheat, and keep their affairs a secret without anyone ever noticing. And for this reason, many ladies are asking themselves, “How can I read my boyfriend’s text messages without touching his phone?” well, cocospy has the solution for you, read on to find out.

As a faithful girlfriend, you can use cocospy to track and monitor your boyfriend’s activities, without him ever noticing. This iPhone tracking application has special spy features that can enable you track and monitor someone’s communication with others, and thus be able to tell when he is cheating on your or not.

The good this with this application is that it is not just limited to iPhone users only, as it has features that can enable Android tracking as well. With this application, you will not need to physically access your boyfriend’s phone, as you can access all his activities from iCloud.cocospy 1

When it comes to messages tracking, cocospy has been accepted by millions of Apple devices users across the world.

But perhaps you are wondering how to spy using this application. In this post, you shall learn how to spy on android as well as iPhone using the cocospy application.

How to spy on your boyfriend’s text messages on an android device

If your boyfriend is using an android device, then you can spy on his text messages by following the following simple steps.

Step 1: create a cocospy accountcocospy

The first thing you will need to do is to create an account on the cocospy platform. This is a straightforward procedure, as all you need is visit cocospy and create an account. There is a clear guide on the platform on how to create an account.

Step 2: Login to your accountcocospy

The next step is now to login to the account you have created on the platform. Note that while doing this, you will need to have the target device at hand.

Step3: Install Cocospy applicationcocospy

On the target android device, install the cocospy application. You should ensure that you hide the icon of this application so that your boyfriend doesn’t see it later.

Step 4: Indicate OS in the setup wizard

When logged in, you will be taken through the setup wizard. Here, indicate the operating system as Android. Ensure to indicate, as if you forget, then the application might not work as expected. The cocospy application works on android differently as on iOS devices.

Step 5: Setup details

After indicating that you will be monitoring an Android device, you should now proceed to setup the details of the device you want to monitor. Remember that we had already installed cocospy on the target device. After setting up the details, you are now free to start spying on it.

What if your boyfriend owns an iPhone?

The only difference in how cocospy works on an iPhone and Android is when it comes to indicating the operating system. If your boyfriend has an iPhone, you need to indicate the operating system as iOS. The other setups are just same as that of an Android phone.

Cocospy is the best iPhone as well as android tracker. And for this reason, installing it on your boyfriend’s device will make it easy for you to know what he is up to, without having to physically access his device.

After the setup as explained above, you can easily monitor and spy on your boyfriend’s text messages, and be able to take appropriate actions if he is doing something that might hurt your relationship.


As technology advances, so should we. There is no reason for anyone to sit down and be cool when the spouse is being discreet on things that can easily ruin your relationship. It is thus necessary to have the best spying app help you to spy on your boyfriend’s text messages without him knowing.

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