Why is IoT Security So Critical? Let’s Find Out Here

Why is IoT Security So Critical? Let’s Find Out Here
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A decade ago, if somebody had told me that my phone could be used to steal the password of my bank account, I would have laughed at him and told him he seemed to be a big fan of James Bond movies.

But today, if somebody tells me that cyber criminals and hackers with malicious intent can use my microwave to break into my bank account, I will panic and quickly unplug the cable of that evil home appliance. Welcome to the era of IoT a.k.a the internet of things, where electronic devices are intruding onto every single aspect of our lives, be it home, office or other.

With the dawn of IPv6 and wide deployment of Wi-Fi networks, the internet of things, IoT is growing by leaps and bounds, and it is predicted by researchers that by 2020 the number of active wireless connected devices would be around 40 billion. The positive aspect of IoT is that it empowers us to do things that we have never ever imagined before.

But, as we know that with every good thing, there’s a downside as well. The same is the case with IoT. It is becoming the favorite target of hackers and cybercriminals.

What Is Being Done To Protect The Devices Connected to IoT?

The best part about IoT security is that it has become a matter of serious concern, even at the federal government level. Several strict measures have been taken to fix the loopholes on the security front. Not just this, consistent efforts are being made to prevent security breaches at the device level and tackle major data disasters before they come to pass.

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Furthermore, major security firms are actively participating to secure the IoT world before it whirls out of control. For instance, Digital security company Gemalto is planning to use Secure Element (SE) technology to protect IoT devices. Major Tech Giant Microsoft has also joined the fray and promised to add Secure Boot technology and BitLocker encryption to the Windows 10 IoT.

What More Needs To Be Done To Protect The Connected Devices?

Although several measures have already been taken to prevent security breaches, but more needs to be done to secure IoT-related data of connected devices and ensure the utmost privacy of the users and the functionality of enterprises and businesses corporations. At this moment, it isn’t enough to ensure that we can make the most out of this new technology in a secure environment.

The gateways that connect IoT devices to company networks need to be secured through a one-time authentication process, which will add another security layer and make them an ideal source of infiltration into company networks. In this way, the gateways will become more secure, which will improve the overall security of the system.

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