Office Tech Hacks to Create the Perfect Work Environment

Office Tech Hacks to Create the Perfect Work Environment
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Working in a suitable – and comfortable – environment is one of the ways to maintain maximum productivity. In a competitive market like today, the productivity of employees, especially in a lean startup, makes all the difference; the right work environment also helps you compete better as an employee or a professional.

Office Tech Hacks to Create the Perfect Work Environment

There are many things you can do to improve your work environment. Adding more natural light to the space and keeping the space tidy are great ways to get started. In this article, however, we are going to focus on the hacks you can pull off with the help of technology. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Stay Hydrated with Smart Water Machines

Staying hydrated is important, especially when you spend the entire day sitting down in front of your computer. Water provides your body with the oxygen and minerals that it requires to stay active and fresh. Drinking enough water also helps you maintain focus for longer.

Today, technology is on your side if you are looking for smarter ways to stay hydrated. Smart water machines with a lot of advanced features are available from Bevi. Startups are beginning to add standup Bevi machines to their workspaces. Now, you can go with the countertop Bevi machines for your office too.

Bevi machines do more than dispense water. They can add flavors and make staying hydrated more fun. In startups that already have Bevi machines in their workspaces, the presence of Bevi machines increases productivity by a substantial margin.

Declutter with Digital Files

Having stacks of paper on your desk is never fun; in fact, it is counterproductive. You often end up feeling like you have too many things to do when there is a big stack of paper on your desk. The pile gives the appearance of more work to do, which is daunting on its own.

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You can declutter your space with more storage solutions, but the way forward is by switching to digital files. There are a lot of solutions to help you and the company transition to digital documents too. Microsoft, for instance, has SharePoint Online to help with document management.

The same can be said for OnlyOffice by Ascensio System. These solutions help you manage documents with tools and features such as online editing, access management for internal and external users, and many more.

Slack Bots to the Rescue

Exchanging text messages and information through messaging platforms is quite common these days. In fact, over 70% of startups today use Slack as the messaging platform of choice, mainly because the messaging platform is designed with businesses and teams in mind.

Unfortunately, text messages and exchanges are also very distracting. They take up so much of your time and may reduce your productivity further. What can we do about that? We can now use Slack bots to automate many things in Slack.

Meeting Bot is a good example of a handy bot to use. This is a bot I found upon reading some Executive Assistant Tips from Bevi; you can find the complete article at https://www.bevi.co/blog/executive-assistant-tips-tricks/. Meeting Bot takes care of scheduling meetings – well, finding the time that suits everyone involved, to be exact.

Other bots can automate most communications on Slack, including remembering birthdays of coworkers and sending birthday messages automatically. These bots are designed to automate repetitive tasks that you need to do on a regular basis.

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Managing Your Phone

There is no doubt that your smartphone is a powerful tool. It allows you to handle most work-related tasks without having to take out your laptop or sit in front of your computer. However, it is also incredibly distracting, especially if you don’t know how to manage your phone accordingly.

A good system for maintaining productivity and focus is a time management system known as Pomodoro. The Pomodoro technique helps you do short bursts of work with even shorter breaks in between those bursts.

Here’s the interesting part: you can add an app that lets you do the Pomodoro technique without ever getting distracted. With the app running, you will not receive notifications or be distracted by other content on your phone until it is time to take a break. The app will even remind you to take your short break before continuing with the next burst.

More Solutions

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, there is no shortage of tech-based solutions if you are looking to create a more suitable work environment. Other handy tips include using scholar.google.com to find scientific research papers for your proposals or reports and using white noise – with a pair of good headphones – to help you focus on your work better.

If you are interested in more solutions – or if you have your own tips to share – leave a reply down below. We will post more articles on how tech can help you be more productive at work. In the meantime, use the tips we covered in this article to help you create the perfect work environment for maximum productivity.