FAQ’s Questions and Answers about PPSC Lectureship Jobs
If you are masters in any subject and have done your professional degree e.g. b.ed/M.ed then you are eligible to apply for PPSC Education Sector Jobs. There are 3 type of posts; Professors Assistant Professors Lecturers Here to be a professor, you should have PHD in relavant subject, while Assistant professors needs M.phil and Lecturers… (0 comment)

Activities Conducted by OPPO in June 2017
Over the last few years, Oppo has strengthened its reputation in the Pakistani mobile market and after launching its modern phones, users have made Oppo phones their first choice. It includes Oppo’s hard work and all the activities that it has been heading in the past few months. If we talk about June 2017, the… (0 comment)

How to be Successful in PPSC Exam for Lectures – Tips and Tricks
لیکچرر کی پوسٹس سے ریلیٹد کچھ سوالات اور ان کے جوابات. اپلائی: اپلائی آن لائن ہوتا ہے سب. آپ کو کچھ بھی پوسٹ کے ذریعے نہیں بھیجنا پڑتا. چالان فارم ڈاؤن لوڈ کر کے NBP میں فیس جمع کروائیں. اور اپنی تصویر، NIC، اور چالان فارم کو سکین کرکے رکھ لیں. یہ اپلائی کرتے وقت… (0 comment)

China has Started Working on 5G Mobile Network
China has started working on 5G mobile phone network. During the next decade, 2.8 trillion yuan ($411 billion) will be spent on this project. According to the foreign newspaper report, the new 5G mobile technology will be introduced in 2020 to 2030. According to China Academy of Information and Communications Technology Experts believe that China… (0 comment)

Soon You will be Able to Share Any Type File on Whatsapp
Whatsapp users very soon will be able to share any type of file from this messaging application. Until now, Whatsapp users can share limited types of files in the application. These types include PDF, Word document, spreadsheet and slides. Soon a new update will be introduced for the Whatsapp, after which users will share any… (0 comment)

Whatsapp Call Started in the United Arab Emirates
Whatsapp call has begun amazingly in the United Arab Emirates. According to sources, foreigners in the United Arab Emirates have claimed they are contacting their family through both audio and video WhatsApp call. It seems that being a Whatsapp call in the United Arab Emirates is a pleasant surprise for local people, Because of security… (0 comment)

WhatsApp Once Again Extended Support for Blackberry
The Whatsapp is the most widely used messaging application in the world. They have announced last year that they will end up support for many operating systems till the end of 2016. Those operating systems from where Whatsapp support was removed there BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry operating systems were also included, but it has increased… (0 comment)

A Journey into the JavaScript World – Infographic
JavaScript has proven itself to be one of the world’s most enduring programming languages for web development. This rings true if it’s to be compared to its counterparts like HTML and CSS. If you are interested in learning about JavaScript, you may already be aware that doing so is not exactly a walk in the… (0 comment)