Twitter Introduced 69 More Emojis to Describe as Improved Consumer Sentiment
Social networking website Twitter has announced 69 more interested emojis for a better customers sentiment. Now the total number of emojis are 239. Nowadays, every Internet and smartphone users feel incomplete without chats Emoji. What’s why every social networking site and software are presenting the most Emojis for the users. Twitter has filed 69 more… (0 comment)

Get More Done in Less Time: 6 Time-Saving Apps
Today, there are more and more things to do, but less and less time to do them. Therefore, it’s important to be organized well in all that chaos in order to achieve more in time you have at your disposal. That’s the reason why we’ll share with you some tips and tricks on how to… (0 comment)

Punjab Information Technology Board is Bringing New Applications for Citizens “RASTA”
Punjab Information Technology board (PITB) and City Traffic Police Lahore (CTP) are together bringing a new smart application for the citizens named as “RASTA” means path or way. The basic aim of this app will be to provide smart solutions for issues related to traffic problems and queries. For this purpose the Lahore Chief Traffic… (0 comment)

Top 4 PHP Frameworks Onwards – Infographic
Any website can’t be developed without using a programming language such as PHP, JavaScript, HTML or CSS etc. There are numerous programming languages used for the website development by the developers all around the world. Among all other programming languages, PHP is the most popular language due to its unique features and flexibility. As it… (0 comment)

5 Social Media Marketing Ideas for business in 2017
With over 2 billion users, social media websites have become the most favorite marketing platform for the marketers worldwide. It doesn’t matter your business is a small or multi-billion dollar, it has become important to show your presence on the social media websites, or else your consumers will forget you. That is why every marketer… (0 comment)

4 Thrilling Upcoming Technology Advancements to Wait For
Technology advancement has become the most common word in the world right now. It doesn’t matter which area and field you belong to; you are using some sort of technological wonder which is making your work easier and better. That is why the world always remains excited about the next in technology and the same… (0 comment)