8 Sleek and Stylish Cool Tech Gifts That Are Fashionable Yet Functional

8 Sleek and Stylish Cool Tech Gifts That Are Fashionable Yet Functional
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Is the fashion diva in your life also a tech nerd? If you want to give a present that’s a combination of both, here are some cool tech gifts to choose from.

Looking to buy something special for a tech-savvy friend of yours?

The tricky part about buying something for your friends who are enthusiastic about technology is knowing what they consider to be trendy. Unlike them, most people don’t subscribe to online articles and blogs about what’s latest in technology.

What most of us consider cool may be lame and outdated to them.

Impressing friends like these with cool tech gifts is often a difficult task. However, we’re here today to help you find out which tech-savvy gifts will be perfect for your tech-savvy friends.

These items will go lengths in pleasing the tech bug of your friend group. They will also prove to be fashionable as they are functional.

8 Sleek and Stylish Cool Tech Gifts

Read on and find the item that will be perfect in fitting the bill for your friends:

Amazon Echo

Let’s start off strong with the Amazon Echo. There is no doubt that tech geeks are crazy over Amazon Echo. They can make the Echo do countless tasks and operations once they link it to Alexa.

Once linked, your friends will be able to enjoy audio that’s crisp and clear. This is because Amazon Echo has speakers imbued with amazing Dolby technology. This means it can play audio in 360 degrees to cover the entire room it’s in.

Echo also has seven microphones with noise-canceling technology.

This allows it to understand what your friends are saying no matter how loud the background noise is. Your friends will be even more impressed when they learn that they can link the latest model of the Echo with others like it.

This will allow them to send voice messages through the Echo to people in other rooms where another Echo is in. Also, because of its sleek and simple design, it can blend in well in any aesthetic in any room.

Tile Mate Item Finder

Do you have a friend that often loses track of their belongings? If so, then the Tile Mate item finder is the perfect gift for them. All they need to do is attach the tracker on any of their valuables and install the Tile companion app.

The next time they lose something, they only need to switch on the app and the app does most of the work for them. If the item is nearby, the app will signal the tracker to vibrate, play a continuous tune, or flash some lights depending on how they configured it beforehand.

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If the item is farther away, then the companion will point out where they last picked up the tracker’s Bluetooth signal. What’s great about the app is that your friends can also reach out to other users for help. The community will be able to track their items and your friends will get notified if someone found it.

Anker Powercore Power Bank

Despite its size, the Anker Powercore power bank lives up to its name. The power of this device makes it the fastest charging bank relative to its size. It can charge up a smartphone to full in as little as an hour and a half depending on the device.

It does so with the help of the PowerIQ and VoltageBoost features that are unique only to Anker’s products. These also help hold enough power to charge a Galaxy S6 3 times over.

The lightweight device also has several protection features. These features help protect it and the device it’s charging from any form of hazard. This includes physical damage like falls and internal damages from faulty wiring.

Anker Powerdrive Speed Car USB Charger

If your friend is always on the go, chances are they tend to forget to charge their device before they leave their homes. By giving them an Anker Powerdrive car USB charger, you will become their best friend in no time.

This, like other Anker products, has the capability to charge devices in no time. This particular charger can bring devices from 0% charge to 80% in a matter of minutes.

It will blend well in any car interior, too. This will make your friends glad there’s not an eyesore while they’re on their merry way. Unique auto insurance can be a good gift for your loved ones.

Dyson Desk Fan

Do you know a tinkerer like those at bitbean? They often have their heads bent over their desks working on improving something for their friends. Improve that friend’s situation by giving them a Dyson desk fan to cool themselves off while they work.

Many people tend to think twice about giving these to tinkerers because they tend to be loud. They know that focus is important for what they’re doing. These desk fans make great gifts for tech lovers because of how silent they are.

Because these are bladeless, users don’t need to worry about any form of injury. They also don’t need to worry about falling asleep with it on. This is because this desk fan has an auto sleep feature after it’s been on for a specified amount of time.

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Crosstour 1080p High Definition Dash Cam

Do you have friends who love driving across the country? Give them this then! This will be one of the tech gifts they will appreciate and make full use of.

Crosstour’s camera has wide 170-degree coverage. This allows for capturing even the most far off situations while traveling. Its sleek design also compliments the interior of their car no matter what model it may be.

While you’re at it, why not give your friends other adventuring gifts? Complete the set and prepare your friend for an adventure.

X Rocker Wireless Audio Gaming Chair

This will be among the best and most unique tech gifts you can give your fellow gamers. This chair provides its users with quality comfort while giving them interesting features to mess around with in their spare time. For example, there are motors that vibrate in sync with whatever game they’re playing.

It also has 4 different speakers along its side. These can kick the boost of anything they’re linked to. This gives a certain degree of immersion to its users.

Speaking of linking the chair, being wireless means you can link to devices like their PS4s. This means your friends can have the ultimate gaming experience with this chair.

Jelly Comb Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

Do you know a friend who has a writer’s mind? Have you ever noticed them coming up with an idea but failing to write it down? This is because ideas are often fleeting for people like this.

Getting them a foldable keyboard helps them write down their amazing ideas. This Bluetooth keyboard can be a medium for them if an idea comes. After they’re done, it folds back into a simple, easy-to-carry pad.

This is the best gift you can give to anyone prone to writer’s block. Help them express their ideas now.

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