Strategies to increase your iPhone App Downloads

Strategies to increase your iPhone App Downloads
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The iPhone apps are undeniably flawless because of the Apple’s policy to review the application before publishing the application. That is the reason iPhone apps are renowned for their app quality and expressive designs. The iPhone app development is known to be a hectic process and it is not a child’s play for sure, and if your application receives only 1000 downloads per month then it can affect your company’s credibility.

The decreased app download rate can result from few mistakes that you make such as development faults, designing flaws, lack of marketing, etc. As the development fault and designing flaw is rarely seen in an iOS application because of its review policy, the lack of marketing can be an intense problem for an iPhone app. If the people don’t know that you exist then there is no meaning of publishing your application.

Marketing and advertising your application can directly influence your app’s download rate, although it can be done in many ways. There are several techniques that many successful companies use for letting people know about their application. Here are some techniques that can be used for marketing and advertising your application that can, in turn, increase your app downloads.

Get a website for your application

A website is an open book of your application that can be read and observed by anyone. This gives your application an edge that can help you to get noticed by people. A website can also show the legitimacy of your application where the users can read about the app and the services that you provide to the user. Getting a website for your application can help to increase the download rate.

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Blog your app

Blogging about your application regularly can help you market your app effectively. The blogs can clearly define the market idea that you are trying to establish in front of your users. The regular updates of your application regarding the feature change or design change can be made known to the user with the help of blogs. You can also get feedback on your application from the blogs that you publish. This strategy surely will help you market your application and, in turn, increase your app download rate.

Best cover picture

This is a special privilege that only iPhone apps are lucky to experience. This is a luring technique that can be employed in the app store based on which the users can judge your application and hence download it. The cover image is the primary thing that a user notices on your app store page. This picture cannot be a screenshot from the application, instead include a unique picture that can compel the user to download your application.

The positive impact of social media

Promotional posts, pictures, videos, screenshots can be shared on the social media. Social media has become so accessible that people from all over the world can connect and share information. If you are able to infiltrate the social media then you can spread the appropriate information that can reach a wide user base. This is the most cost-effective and efficient marketing technique that can help you increase the download rate of your application.

Press release is the real deal

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As simple as it may sound, a press release can work wonders if done properly. This strategy can give your iPhone app the proper exposure that it deserves. This can bring your application and your services into the limelight. There are many websites on which you can publish your press release such as PRWeb, AppShout, and Market Wired that can help you get the word out. There are many iPhone App Development companies in India that follow this strategy to boost their application and its download rate in the app store.

The techniques and strategies mentioned above can help you boost your application’s download rate. These strategies are employed by many companies that are looking to boost the app download rate. If you are looking to boost your app download rate then you can always opt for these techniques.

Author Name:  Kinjal Patel

Author Bio: Kinjal Patel is an Internet Marketing Manager and also the co-founder of Vrinsoft Technology. She is an expert in SEO, SMO, PPC, App Store Optimization etc. She has attended many tech conferences and conducted the technical expos on latest search engine marketing updates. She shares her opinion and informative stuff through the blogs/articles.

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