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The Future of Charging Tech

The Future of Charging Tech
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When it comes to our daily life, you may notice something that is starting to become very common. We have lots of portable devices, and of course, you’re most likely thinking of smartphones and that makes sense as a smartphone is basically something that most people have. We also have tablets, laptops and a bunch of other devices that are portable and when it comes to things that we use each day, in general, we have to recharge them. Each time newer portable devices such as smartphones are released one of the most important specifications to know is the battery capacity.

Sure battery capacity of our portable devices can become larger, but sooner or later, we’re going to have to recharge the batteries and larger the battery means that it’s going to take a longer time to recharge them to full power. The most important thing is the recharging speed aspect and charging speed is something that we can control and charging is something that has improved quite a lot over the years.

Quick Charge: A Widely used Charging Technology

One of the widespread charging technologies that are used with lots of Android smartphones on the market is called Quick Charge. Quick Charge is usable with smartphones that use specific Qualcomm Snapdragon processors and when you use those smartphones with Quick Charge charging electronics then you’re able to get faster charging speeds for your device. This charging tech is one of the most used charging technologies when it comes to charging most newer Android smartphones and it’s a great thing as lots of charging electronics use the charging tech. Portable chargers are one of the most useful charging electronics that use the tech as you can charge your devices at a very fast rate while you’re on the go. The same rings true when it comes to using car chargers that use Quick Charge, as you’re able to charge your devices to a good amount whether you have a short or long drive to your destination.

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USB-C: The Rising Standard

However, as awesome as Quick Charge is, it’s not the only latest type of charging tech and there’s more of a standard way of charging that is on the rise. It’s called USB-C. USB-C is beginning to become the new standard of charging as it offers faster standard charging speeds, a reversible connector so you always put it in the right way, and faster syncing for sharing files. The best part of this new standard is that it’s not just going to be used with smartphones and will actually be used with tablets and laptops too.

How it’ll be Used as a Standard

The use of USB-C with lager devices such as laptops and tablets brings us to Power Delivery that USB-C is able to utilize and that enables more power to be transferred during charging. Power Delivery is able to transfer 30W to 60W of power which means that you can potentially charge MacBook or Chromebook at their max power with a USB-C charger. Also, the usage of USB-C with larger devices is that you can use a wider range of chargers when in the past you would have to use a dedicated charger that laptops came with.

Now moving forward, we’re going to be able to use the same wall charger that we use with our smartphone to charge our laptops. The same thing with portable chargers, as there are now quite a few portable chargers that use USB-C PD and that means you can potentially charge your larger devices at their max power while you’re on the go which can be something that is very useful.

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