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Online Technology – 5 Golden Tips for Macro Recorder

Online Technology – 5 Golden Tips for Macro Recorder
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Assuming that you already understand what, the macro recorder does, it is important that you learn the basics of using the tool. The macros recorder will enable you achieve more in a significantly less amount of time. However, for many first-time users of macros, you will definitely want to ensure that you are getting everything right to avoid coming up with erroneous reports while using the application. In this article, we shall educate you on some basic tips for using macros recorder efficiently. This will help in ensuring you have fewer mistakes made using the macros. Keep reading to find out more on this magic tool.

  1.   Ensure You Use Keyboard to Record Macros

Every past user of the macros maker will tell you that they prefer using keyboard macros to the mouse macros. The keyboard macros are rated as more reliable macros since the keyboard will not mind the screen coordinates the position of the window and also the resolution of the screen. The mouse recorder will try the mouse in relation to the coordinates, but then in most of the occasions this is not achieved successfully. The keyboard combinations are therefore important to learn before you begin recording the keyboard macros.

  1.   Avoid Recording the Mouse Movements

Having talked about the keyboard macros, it’s important that we mention something about the mouse moves. It’s difficult using the computer without making use of the mouse. However, recording the mouse moves while using the macros recorder will result to errors. It is important that you avoid making use of the macros recorder when you need to use the mouse. Just as mentioned, you would want to first pause the recording then you can make use of the mouse. Once you are done with the mouse moves, you can then begin recording again.

  1.   Aim at Speeding the Macros
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You can speed the macros by ensuring that you are using alternative commands. Decrease the delay commands and consider selecting parts of the macros you would want to speed up. Remember to perform the reset delays whenever need be.

  1.   Plan Before

It’s also important that you prepare adequately when you need to begin macros recording. This will help to ensure there aren’t any delays in between and that you are able to focus on what needs to be done. This will also help in ensuring there aren’t any errors in your macro. This entails working on a list of steps and when necessary listing these steps down to ensure there will be no delays when executing the task. Therefore, make sure that you list all the steps to be followed.

  1.   Start at a Known Location and End at a Known Location

This is definitely part of planning. The advantage of this approach is that you are able to work faster and that you also reduce the chances of making mistakes. While you are recording the keyboard macros, ensure that one or a few of the keystrokes move the cursor to a known location.