Tips to Watch Series Online For Free

Tips to Watch Series Online For Free
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People these days are dealing with excessive pressure in their lives. Some are dealing with the work pressure while some are dealing with the family responsibilities. When you have so much pressure to deal with, all you want to do in the free time is to relax and do something which you love doing. This does not only relieve your stress but also motivates to perform better at work because of the relaxed mind.

There are various ways people relax and relieve their stress level but the one which is most popular recently is watching TV Shows or movies online. There are so many movies and TV shows that are released and updated almost every day that you can spend the entire day watching these. The ease of access of the Internet has made lives easy for the people and hence they prefer watching their favourite TV series sitting at their relaxing couch eating popcorn rather than going out with people or a theatre to watch movies.

Tips to Watch Series Online For Free

There are hundreds of sites available on the web where you can watch TV shows and movies online. Some provide you with exceptional content and video quality while some are just filled with malicious ads and malware.

About Couchtuner


Couchtuner like most other websites of its kind offer free movies and TV shows streaming. Couchtuner was started in the year 2010 and since then it has been successfully streaming TV shows for its viewers. The site started with a generic domain but when it started gaining popularity, it expanded to various domains specific to different countries. It is an amazing website that provides high-quality videos streaming and you can enjoy watching your favourite movie or TV show for hours and hours. With the updated database and the user-friendly interface, Couchtuner has become one of the most popular places to watch TV. You just have to type your favourite TV show’s name and Couchtuner will stream it for you. In a nutshell, you can watch TV series online free on Couchtuner.

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Is Couchtuner legal?

Like many other TV shows and movies streaming website, Couchtuner is also not legal. The website streams pirated movies and TV shows which is illegal in most of the countries and being a viewer, you can face a heavy penalty for watching the pirated videos if it is illegal in your country.

Any website that streams videos free of cost is illegal as they serve you with pirated content and piracy is illegal. There are various other sites which offer TV shows and movies at a very affordable cost, but watching the videos free of cost has its own perks.

Couchtuner Interface

Couchtuner, as discussed, is a very user-friendly website. Though a lot of ads appear on the website initially as you browse through, it becomes much easier to find your desired content. The TV shows are divided into genres and also alphabetically. The homepage will show all the latest and the most updated TV shows. If you don’t find what you find want or if you want to watch an old TV series, simply type the name of the TV show in the search bar provided and you will see the episodes of it.

Ads on Couchtuner

Couchtuner provides you with the highest quality video content for watching TV shows and movies and that too for free but one of the major problems of Couchtuner is the ads that are shown on its website.

The ads are just uncontrollable on the website and keep on appearing every now and then. The ads are harmful and that is the reason when you visit the website, you are shown a warning message which asks you to exit the site as it is not safe to enter. Clicking on the ads even by mistake might lead to virus and malware attacks on your system and sometimes even your personal information is compromised. The ads are deceptive and might deceive you to download something which might be harmful to your system.

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couchtuner error

There is always an option to exit the website safely but if you enter, it is at your own risk. If you are able to avoid the ads on the website, it is safe to browse through it as the videos while streaming is completely safe to watch.

Is Couchtuner safe to browse?

No, Couchtuner is not safe to browse. The main reason why it is not safe is the ads. Since the website streams videos online free of cost, they earn their revenues mostly through the ads they publish on their website. This is why the owner of Couchtuner do not take any action against the ads.

Your PC becomes so much vulnerable to the threats and malware when you click on the ads. Sometimes the ad programmer will trick you to give your personal information or your credit card details which might cause you a big trouble in future. Always be safe and aware if you are browsing on Couchtuner.


Couchtuner is one of the best online streaming websites for watching TV series and movies. It has become very popular lately due to the various reasons mentioned above. Since the website does not require any registration whatsoever and does not charge you even a single penny for it, people get attracted to it more and more.

The ads, though are disturbing at times but if you browse the site safely and with precautions, Couchtuner will surely give you more than what you ask for.