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Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2018

Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2018
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We all are aware of the evolution of man from apes, which took millions of years. The evolution was a product of the need for advancement, which was essential for the survival of apes of that time. But do you know that a similar evolution is gradually taking place in today’s age? No, it’s not with humans, this time it is with technology! YES! Technological evolution is something which is real and which is what the 21st-century generation is going to encounter. It is a vivid fact that whenever technology has advanced it has brought some convenience and ease in man’s life and these advancements seem to go to a great extent this year. Hence, let us take a look at some “top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2018 which you really want to see in the end of this year.

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1. IoT (Internet of Things)

Since the arrival of the internet in 1957, the things over the world have changed a lot. Everything is now online and accessible to the people. Whether booking train tickets or doing a bank transaction, every task is possible through internet. However, these type of internet that we have been using since ages has become a traditional method, hence there is a need to improve it. Hence, the result of this demand is IoT.

IoT is an abbreviation for the Internet of Things, which refers to the systems that are or can be connected to the internet. Now imagine that you are driving a car and suddenly you meet with an accident, as soon as your car gets crashed with some object or person, it will automatically call for an emergency. This is what IoT does at a very basic level; it is a system of connected networks throughout the world that works and adapts itself on the basis of self-analyzed data.

2. Blockchain

We learned about the Internet of Things in above section and how it works. Now we are going to learn about blockchain technology. Blockchain again is a brand new concept which is not much in use. As the name suggests, blockchain is a chain of information that is stored online with a particular encryption of timestamp, due to which one cannot tamper them or misuse them. The blockchain is a secure tube of information, where anyone can put their important data. An example of blockchain technology is bitcoin. Bitcoin is a universal currency system that holds the information of all the owners that it has gone through.

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3. Google glass

Google glass is a remarkable innovation by Google. It is basically a glass that performs all the functions that of a smartphone. With Google Glass, one call someone, send text messages, get directions, record videos and can even capture photos, and even share them with their friends and family members. Google glass is only available in UK and USA. It costs around $1500.

4. From 1 3d printer

Another useful invention that lets you print 3D shapes and models. It is very handy for those who are in the field of architecture or designing. The printer with the help of raisin liquid present inside the printer creates the shape that you designed. The printer is available around $2500. It is a revolutionary technology that will make the process of creating easy and simple.

5. Machine learning/deep learning

We have seen how computers effectively respond to our needs, for instance, we can search information on Google, buy things on Amazon. But have you thought how do this website work? This is possible because of deep learning or machine learning. Machine learning refers to commanding a software or machine of the task that needs to be performed. In simple language, when we set the Air conditioner on auto mode, it will regulate the temperature on its own, now this becomes possible because of imposed learning by the developer of the air conditioner.

Let’s take an example of human beings, when we touch a hot object, we immediately pull over our hands. This reflex system is nothing but a deep learning that we have derived from experience and a process of trial and error. Similarly, for the machines or software to perform, a code of learning is necessary. This code of learning tells the machine or software to do certain tasks in a certain manner.

6. Driver-less cars

Driver-less cars are the new thing in the line. Built upon deep learning and connected to IoT, these cars are smart and error less. You’ll now have to no longer take the toll of driving your car through busy lanes and jam-packed traffic; your car will automatically take you to your desired destination with the help of GPS. Driver-less cars are aimed to eliminate the possibility of human error, which will eventually increase road safety.

7. Leap Motion

Leap motion is another revolutionary technology that completely redefines the use of computers. Through leap motion, one can use computer or laptop through the motion of their hands. No longer you need to move your hands on the mouse, with leap motion everything on the screen can be controlled through your hand gestures in the air. Leap motion technology surely does provide a great amount of convenience to the users, hence, eliminating the effort.

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8. Smartphones being replaced by intelligent phones

We all are in the illusion about Smartphones being the epitome of advanced technology. However, that’s not true, in fact in future, phones will be much smarter than ever, and as a matter of fact, they will be called as intelligent phones. Intelligent phones will be able to do next level tasks that today’s Smartphones are not capable of. they will be able to detect any illness in your body and will also provide a possible treatment for it, they will act as your caretaker and will be able to do all your daily work on behalf of you, giving you a free time for your family.

9. Touch-less interface:

We have by far imagined our devices to be touchscreen so that it will be easy for us to use them. However, scientists and developers have some different concept in their mind, and that is having a device with a touchless interface. There are examples of touchless technology in the market, examples of them are, apple’s homePod speaker, Google home, Amazon’s echo. These devices have eliminated the need of using your hands and fingers. They can merely function on your voice. However, they are just the basic of the touchless interface, in future, there are more advanced technologies are expected.

10. Biotechnology

Biotechnology proves to be of a medicinal boon for those who have lost their hands or arms. By using this technology, one can replace a lost part of their body. This system is such that it is controlled by brain systems. The best part about this technology is that you don’t require any form of surgery to install the system in your body. However, the technology is at a developmental stage but soon it will completely take over other forms of surgery.

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