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Top 20 Benefits of Using VPN

Top 20 Benefits of Using VPN
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VPN stands for virtual private network that is used to send and receive data in most secured way. In this technology, data is completely encrypted and thus no one can interrupt it on the way. Thus this technology is most useful for sending confidential reports usually by the intelligence agencies or shopping websites that want to secure the bank data of their users.

VPN is made by creating a virtual point to point connection through dedicated connections and protocols.

Most of you have listened about Hotspot Shield that provides its free and paid services to create a VPN connection. When such shield is used, no one can retrieve that which website are opened by that users and how was the activity on internet.

Top 20 Benefits of Using VPN

Here are the top 20 Advantages of using PureVPN one of the leading VPN service providers ;

Data Security

You will be secured from hackers such that they can’t interrupt with the encrypted data that you will send through VPN. For example emails, messages and others.

Increase Productivity:

VPN can increase productivity of a company as the data can be remotely accessed through the home or office.

Share files:

Files can be shared for a long period and those files can be accessed by only the allowed persons.

Best Privacy:

When websites are accessed, nobody can retrieve your location and you will remain complete anonymous.

Bypass Websites Restrictions:

You can access all the websites through bypassing the filters. For example, if YouTube is blocked in your area, you can still access it using VPN.

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Change IP:

You can change your IP e.g. you can show to the website servers that you are accessing the website from a different country.

Fast Speed:

Proxies are very slow while VPN acts fastly with larger bandwidth.

Low Cost:

Cost of VPN is very low. Once you buy if for a year, you will become tension free.

Connection between offices:

VPN provides most easy way to connect the different department of an office securely. It is better than T1 lines and LAN networking.

Malware Protection:

Some VPNs provides malware and virus protection so you don’t need to worry from viruses coming from internet.

Ad Blocking Options:

VPN provides the option to ad block on different browsers.

Bypass Bandwidth Restrictions:

VPN hides your activity so your ISP can’t see that what are you browsing, so a smooth bandwidth is assigned to you. It provides smoother video streaming experience.

Works with all Platforms:

VPNs are compatible with all platforms like Windows, Linux, Unix etc. You can use it in mobile as well through that VPN app.

Anonymous Torrent Downloading:

If you are downloading anything from torrent, your IP and location will be hidden through using VPN.

More Customers:

If your shop uses VPN, your customers feels security while shopping and hence you can increase your customer base.

Avoid Government Bans:

If your store is banned in certain countries, you can use VPN to show your server location somewhere else and that country users can access your website.

Use Voice Calls:

Voice call apps such as Skype and WhatsApp are banned in UAE and China but you can still use them through VPN.

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Avoid Taxes:

You can avoid certain taxes just because of using IP of a country that provides tax free service.

IP Diversity:

You can market your products by just changing your IPs. So even Google don’t mind it. Your authority on internet also will increase in this way.

Use Public Wifi:

When you are using public Wifis, you are most insecure. If you use VPN for pubic Wifi, you are secured with no tension.

VPN Recommendation:

PureVPN is a world fastest VPN service that provides these services in very affordable cost. Its monthly package starts from $9.95 and prices reduces when you get it as low as $2.45 when priced for 2 years. Order Now here.