Top 8 Gamers Websites Similar to Humble Bundle

Top 8 Gamers Websites Similar to Humble Bundle
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Hello! Gamers, have you completed the full bundle of Humble Bundle? And now getting bored and looking for some new games similar to Humble Bundle? Then you are in the best possible place. Here I will give you a list of similar sites like the Humble Bundle.

Humble Bundle was launched in 2010.

It was founded by Jeffrey Rosen and John Graham. The main goal of this company is charity. They sell video games to customers and donate a portion of profit to the charity. Recently they take money from the customers on the basis of the contents to be downloading for playing the game.  They have provided a bundle of games and books on their site. They have also developed a digitally controlled store where developers can upload and sell their games.

You can get games at a minimum range of $1.  $1 is for one game, you can buy 2 games at $7, they will provide you the re mastered edition games at $40.And highest you can $140 for one game.

Top 8 Gamers Websites Similar to Humble Bundle

1.   DailyIndieGame

This site is a similar site like the Humble bundle. Hundreds of games are available here. The prices of the games are starting with $0.05. You can get a bundle for $1.49. Sometimes depending upon your performance you can get some free key codes, which will provide you DLC packs for the game you are playing. I can guarantee you that you will not get disappointment from this site.

2. Lazy Guys bundle

This site is one of the most popular sites like humble bundle. They have some incredible bundles. You will get exciting discount offers from this site.  One of the best part of this site is that you can get a bundle of 10 games at $2.99.But all games have to be played on the internet. Like the humble bundle, the Lazy guys bundle also allows you to pay as per your wants. The keys that you will buy from this site will sent to you through email. And it works so fast.

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This site is not unlike Humble Bundle. This site also provides you a group of great games that you would definitely love. This site is made to great social experience. Using this site, you can play so many games. There is also music, comics, e-books, etc. on this site. This site will provide you great deals regarding their site

4. Bundlestars

This site is also very fast and immediate working sites. They will provide you great deals regarding so many bundles of games. They also provide Everyday deals. This includes discounts up to 99%. This site is an excellent gaming site with 100% security. You have to work quickly to get exiting offers. You can play amazing games like diablo and more to enjoy unlimited fun. You can play awesome games like firewatch at best market price.

5. Indiegala

This web site is a wonderful website for bundles of games. Here you can discount up to 95%. They will provide great deals for you. Some series of this site are Don’t fall behind, Downward, Star wars they also have Disney’s game pack. This is really a reputed bundle game site.

6. Bundle in a box

This is the most popular site of bundle games; this site is well organized. This site is maintained in a way that they are divided as mobile games, science fiction, adventure type etc.

You can also get new edition and most popular games. There are reviews of all games are available so that you can judge the game before purchasing.

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7. Cubic bundle

This site is a great bundle games site. Though there are also some single games available. There are bundles of game that are available for a certain period only. You will get some of the funniest and exciting games here. There are some free games also available in this site.

8. Story bundle

This site is mainly a site that deals on bundles of books. You will get so many books here. And also various types of books. When you buy a book from this site you also take a part on donation. This site provides you the books from the indie writers, i.e. the indie books. You can also get some single books too. They will bring you books of very unique type. You can also decide the price of books by paying for those you want.