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Top Benefits of Symantec SSL Certificate

Top Benefits of Symantec SSL Certificate
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Cybersecurity has grown very vital on the web today with everyone now looking to secure their sites against the ever escalating number of cyber-attacks. Now, this is where Symantec comes in. Well, if you have no idea what Symantec is all about then it is a well-known security company that is known for delivering 360 security solutions tailored for users and businesses around the world. Well, in this article we are going to take you through some of the benefits of having an SSL certificate whilst paying key attention to the Symantec SSL certificate-what it is about, the top benefits of Symantec SSL certificates and some top SSL Symantec products that you should know.

The Symantec SSL Certificate

Before we delve deep, why don’t we expound more on the Symantec SSL certificate? First things first, what the heck is an SSL certificate? In simple terms, an SSL certificate is a chunk of data files that bind Cryptographic keys to the details of a given organization with the aim of ensuring secure communication between a web server and a browser.

You are bound to see a padlock sign and an https in links to websites with SSL enabled. These certificates come in very handy when it comes to securing logins, data transfers and payment transactions among other vital data traversing the web.  That said, Symantec SSL Certificates are a great way to deliver top notch security on the web thanks to certificates tailored to deliver enterprise class strength.

Features of the Symantec SSL certificates

Symantec SSL Certificates are hinged on delivering top draw security thanks to an array of features bespoke designed for every problem. These SSL certificates have three main features:

  • Domain Validation

Symantec SSL uses advanced encryption algorithms to protect between your users and the outside world. The Symantec SSL certificates do this well through domain validation procedures which add a layer of security to communication between browsers and your web server.

  • Extended validation

Symantec Extended Validation Certificates ensures the highest level of data encryption between the web server and browser; It also ensures the existence of the business entity that builds a strong trust between the user and the company through a strict verification process of its details. Once an organization accomplishes the authentication process, the registered business name displayed in the browser green padlock bar.

  • Organization Validation
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Users love interacting with websites they can trust and the Symantec SSL certificates deliver this through very strict organization validation techniques. This means that your organization will go through a rigorous vetting process before being issued with a certificate that will assure users of your credibility.

SSL Certificates By Symantec

  1. Symantec Secure Site SSL Certificate

This SSL certificate is a perfect option for business owners looking for robust protection thanks to 256-bit encryption. This powerful encryption will ensure that data and information are secured from attackers who are always looking for ways to infiltrate web systems. The Symantec Secure Site SSL Certificate can secure your domain, a perfect SSL for small business owners managing mostly a single domains. Did we also mention that your SEO is boosted with this kind of SSL certificate?


2. Symantec Secure Site Pro SSL Certificate

If you are looking for an SSL certificate that will deliver security even in the realm of old browsers, then the Symantec Secure Site Pro SSL certificate is the best option for you! As a matter of fact this Symantec certificate provides encryption to virtually any browser hence any user running an old browser can visit your site without getting warning messages in the browser. This browser will protect single domains, and it is perfect for businesses and hosting providers.

3. Symantec Secure Site EV SSL Certificate

Now, if you want to take your web security a notch higher, then you should go for the Symantec Secure Site EV SSL Certificate. This certificate will turn the browser green padlock and display the registered business in green text on padlock bar. For getting Symantec Secure Site EV SSL certificate a business need to accomplish a strict validation process to ensure the existence of the company. A green bar is a great way of assuring your consumers and target customers that they are in safe hands. Such a certificate is an awesome way of improving conversions particularly in the case where users are supposed to conduct sensitive transactions on the website.

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4. Symantec Secure Site Pro EV SSL Certificate

If your business is very serious about keeping things super safe then this Symantec Secure Site Pro EV SSL Certificate is the right match. We are talking about an SSL certificate designed to blend smart and robust security targeted at giving your consumers assurance, credibility, and identity when using the web. The certificate can even raise a 40-bit encryption to 256-bit in the case of old browsers not to mention that it comes with vulnerability assessments and frequent malware scans targeted at keeping attackers at bay.

5. Symantec Code Signing Certificate

This is an SSL certificate crafted with the aim of protecting software code particularly among software publishers who are looking for stringent code protection mechanisms. In essence, the Symantec Code Signing Certificate is second to none when it comes verifying the authenticity of content published from a given source be it individuals, organizations, software publishers etc. This certificate also delivers organization validation using the SHA-2 algorithm. Moreover, this certificate encryption uses a 256-bit certificate encryption and 2048-bit key length.


When it comes to the web and cyber security, prevention is always better than cure. Let’s just say, and you would better protect your website rather than wait and deal with the repercussions of a cyber-attack. The repercussions may be small but in other cases, they may also cripple your business. Long story short, you need to buy Symantec SSL certificate and get the protection you need! So, why not purchase a cheap Symantec SSL certificate straight away?