Are Video Games Like Drugs?

Are Video Games Like Drugs?
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Have you ever thought to yourself that you or someone you love spends way too much time playing video games? If so, it’s entirely possible that you might have a little video game addict on your hands.

Compulsive video gaming is an actual psychological disorder that various researches have looked into. There are a lot of different factors that go into addiction to drugs, and a lot of those factors correlate well to video games as well!

One of the key facets of drug addiction is that the individual is helpless before it. They can’t even be held accountable for their actions because they’re under the influence of a stimulant. It’s like a mental disease. The individual may break away from society and stop interacting with people outside of their addiction circles.

Does this behavior sound familiar to you?

It’s a common behavior even for a lot of video gamers, isn’t it? I’m sure you have at least some friend, or niece, or nephew, or perhaps even son or daughter, who spends way too much time locked up in their bedroom, interacting only with a virtual world of make believe friends and enemies.

All addictions have a root cause — be it lack of parental support, lack of confidence, etc. Retreating into a drug-induced world offers a lot of comfort to an individual in pain. To understand addiction, one needs to get to its root cause. It’s often said that those who indulge in psychotropic drugs get lost in a world of their own, a world that has no correlation to the real world.

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Think about it… doesn’t that sound an awful lot like the kind of virtual world people lose themselves in while playing video games?

Furthermore, video game companies, like tobacco companies, can only survive if their customer base has a deep need for what they’re being sold. That’s how they have become such a fast-growing and massive business! To keep that business thriving, they specifically create video games in such a manner that it triggers your brain into addiction.

In the infographic brought to you by Gaming Chair Insider, you can explore all the risk factors of what leads one into a video game addiction. It also explores the specific types of video games that put you more at risk. The infographic is fairly self explanatory and you should definitely use it to try and understand addiction and even reevaluate the behavior of all those in your life. Are they suffering from a video game addition? Are video games like drugs?

Go through the infographic and you’ll find out.

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