This is How iPhone Beats Android

This is How iPhone Beats Android
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Should I go for an android or an iPhone? This question has always dawned on every person who has wanted to purchase a new phone. Lots of stalking and research is done before buying any product and there certainly is a lot of confusion created in the minds of the people because of the competitive approach the brands use to sell their products. The fancy looks the great deals will leave you enthralled to buy them but look closely do you just want the face value or something more than that.Phones these days are a man’s best friend, we carry them along all the time. We treat them like our own little babies; making them sleep with us, wake with us,carrying them even with us even in our private moments like those in the washroom then why not just look and research better everywhere so that we can make a better decision in choosing them.

Okay! We will leave the decision on you and proceed by just explaining the features to you so that you can for you better understand what is better for you an apple product or an android?

No matter how fancy or advanced a phone is and irrespective how it looks from the outside what is inside is totally dependent upon what is inside. The operating system is the deciding factor of the price and how well will it perform. So before just coming to decision do the well research out what technology the android or iPhone supports

Giving a few factors for differentiating

Better, fast and easy sharing options with iPhone

You get the Airdrop option in Apple products and with that you can easily share images, videos, movies or any heavy file with a single tap. There is also an option available of iMessage with which you get endless sharing options between different iPhones. Whereas in the android phones you have to download various third party apps in order to share things, documents, images, videos with one another.