10 Apps that will Prove Indispensable During a Road Trip

10 Apps that will Prove Indispensable During a Road Trip
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Are you getting ready to go on a long road trip with your childhood friends? You have already checked everything from luggage, car fuel to snacks. Now it’s time to fill your phone with some useful and entertaining apps that will make your trip much more memorable and hassle-free. Although it is often suggested to stay always from your gizmos and gadgets as much as possible during vacations, you don’t know how convenient some apps can make your journey.

If you’re not careful, you can encounter a range of problems during your road trip. But, if you are prepared in advance, things won’t be as difficult to deal with. If you want to find an eatery or the nearest gas tank, you can find an app for that. Both Android and Apple play stores are crammed with various apps that can be a great companion for road trips. To know more about these apps you can go through popular reviews such as AirG reviews. You can add the most popular apps in your phone to make your journey more memorable.

These 10 travel apps from Android and iOS play stores are worth to be downloaded.

  1. XE Currency

Although there are numerous apps for converting currency the best in the lot is XE Currency. If you are going to places where different currencies work, XE can be your best mate. You’ll get the equivalent of all the currencies when you add any amount on it.

It’s very easy to manage app. It also doesn’t take much space on your phone. Also, the best part is that you do not need to have internet connection for this app to work.

  1. WiFi Map

It helps you in so many ways. WiFi Map locates all the nearest wireless connection. It does that by scanning the place where you are and checking the database of all the hotspots. These hotspots are updated by the seven million users of the app.

It has all the passwords you required.  And it shows all the networks that are within a mile distance. But, that’s the free version. The paid one lets you get WiFi maps of the whole city which can also be attained when you are online.

  1. Tripit
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The app is famous for all good reasons. It is a very useful app for people who travel very often. This helps to make long, complex road trips very easy and you don’t have to enter each and every data in it.

You just need to forward the email that confirms your booking and the app will automatically update your schedule. You just need to download all the latest updates, and you can use the app with the internet as well.  The paid version has various extra features. Even the free one can work well for most people.

  1. Triposo

This app takes all data from Wikipedia and other sites and turns it into the important information available offline for you. You are supposed to download the app before leaving home so that you get the information about all the destinations you are going to visit in advance.

The app will give your useful suggestions for restaurants and activities with the other data such as directions or available modes to commute.

  1. Google Maps


If you are looking for an app that is easy to manage Google Map is the save bet. It is a very convenient mobile navigation app. We are pretty sure that most of you use this app almost every day for your daily traveling. This can also work well for long road trips.

You can save as many maps as you want while you are online for a later time. You can operate the app without mobile signal or connection with your phone GPS. Also, you don’t need to be connected to get public transit direction data.

  1. TripAdvisor

If you want to get the best reviews for different hang out places and accommodations, Trip Advisors can help you out. There are a number of forums in the app from where you can get multiple reviews and other information about attraction in a specific city. There are millions of hotels, and other destinations reviewed on this app. You can easily access all the relevant data. You can also compare and book tour deals on this app.

The app cannot be used without an internet connection. However, there are different city guides that you can download beforehand.

  1. Pocket
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If reading is your hobby and you want to explore some good places with a good read, you should download the pocket app. It does not only have a lot of reading stuff but also other useful data such as hotels recommendation and attractions that you can access offline as well.

You can access the web pages you searched on your tablet or computer and can sync it with your mobile devices through this app.

  1. Snapseed

If you can’t get aesthetically pleasing pictures out of a road trip, is it really worth it? However, sometimes nature decides not to play along. The sunset doesn’t look as beautiful, or the horizon isn’t as perfectly straight as you wanted it to be.

This is where Snapseed can come in handy. This app is a photo-editing software that is available on both Android and iOS. It makes sure that you get the most out of the scenery by making everything more vibrant than it is. You can edit the settings as per your liking or choose from a set of filters.

  1. Sit or Squat

There will come a time in your road trip when nature will call you. No one talks about this aspect of the road trip. But, you have to admit that finding a washroom is one of the concerns you are bound to face on a road trip.

Sit, or Squat is an app that will help you find the nearest public washrooms. It has over 100,000 public toilets listed in its database. You won’t just get the location of the nearest restroom but would also be provided with information about where it is good (“sit”) or bad (“squat”).

  1. American Red Cross First Aid

While everyone would rather that they won’t, but accidents happen. It is smart to prepare for the worst-case scenario while hoping for the best.

This is why every road trip is incomplete without American Red Cross First Aid app. This app will deliver information about how to deal with a variety of accidents including burns, head injuries, and bites. Via this app, you can at least ensure that you won’t be clueless in the face of an emergency.