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10 Best Ways to Hide the Clutter in your Room

10 Best Ways to Hide the Clutter in your Room
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Different human beings have different kinds of habits that we can divide into two categories: good ones and bad ones. Thus, good ones can benefit your life by making it easier and simpler. On the other hand, bad habits affect your being in a bad way, by contributing difficulties and problems. Of course, not all of the bad habits can destroy your life. At least, you need to find the ways to tackle the consequences of those bad habits and try to get rid of them.

Among this second kind of habits, we can find the “clutter stocking” one. Basically, people, who have this habit, cannot say “bye” to all the clutter they have. They apply great sense to each unnecessary thing in their life and try to save this “fortune” in their houses. On one day they realize, that there is way too much stuff all around and it is high time to do something with this. Moreover, the apartment stops looking cozy and comfortable.

Getting rid of these things is a hard task, so we’ve decided to create a list of 10 ways on how to hide the clutter in your house. Our pieces of advice are very simple to follow, but they can definitely change your life for better.

  1.      Use organizing boxes.

Organizing boxes are perfect for those who have a lot of things and cannot resolve the problem of stocking the clutter. You can buy these boxes almost everywhere. They can be made of plastic, wood, paper or thick cloth. Depending on the interior of your apartment, you can easily find fancy organizing boxes that will not only help you to hide the clutter but also make your room cozy and stylish!

  1.      Use curtains to cover the opened shelves of your cupboards.

If you stock all your clutter on the shelves, just hide it with some stylish curtain. It is a very fast way to conceal the clutter, as you do not even need to clean the shelf itself.

  1.      Buy yourself a storage tower.

Basically, storage towers can help you organize a great number of things without taking much of the space in your room. They encompass small area but are high and roomy. This kind of furniture is perfect for organizing species, cereals, and other kitchen stuff.

  1.      Make sure that you have a special box for all the stationery that is in use.

After using a pen, you need to put it right back in that box! Watch yourself and try to develop this useful habit. Therefore, you will not have difficulties finding a pencil when you need to write some note.

  1.      Buy yourself stylish ottomans with empty space inside.

These chairs are not only fashionable and comfortable but can turn to be extremely useful! Special ottomans with empty space inside can be great organizers for slippers, pillows, blankets and other things.

  1.      Long tablecloth as a way to hide extra stuff on your floor.

By covering your table with a long tablecloth, you can hide almost everything underneath the table itself. Just make sure, that your guests will not reach the things you placed there with their legs.

  1.      Make your bathroom clean and spacious by using curtains!

A great way to make your small bathroom seem spacious is to top you washing-machine, dryer and other necessary things with sliding curtains. The whole picture of your room will be complete and full, as the design of the curtains will make everything look the same. Now, you will not be distracted by white dryer and grey washing-machine.

  1.      Attach hangers to each other!

In order to save some space in your wardrobe, we strongly recommend you to attach your hangers vertically one to another. In this way, you will be able to put more clothes in your dresser.

  1.      Have trash in each room.

Usually, after eating some small candy, one just leaves the paper on the table. This litter can stay in your room for days until you do not have enough space to work on it. Many students must have been catching themselves on the similar thought, something like: “I need to write my literature paper, but I cannot concentrate in this mess.” Our piece of advice is to put a small wastebasket in each room, somewhere under the table. Now you always have a place for throwing the garbage.

  1.  Organize space inside your drawers.

Place regular plastic, paper, or wooden boxes inside your drawer to organize your underwear, socks, etc.