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10 Common Link Building Problems SEOs Make

10 Common Link Building Problems SEOs Make
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Link building is a common practice in the SEO word because it is effective. Undoubtedly, building quality link could mean sky-rocketing your reach and improving your conversion rate. However, people commit a lot of mistake during link building process either out of ignorance or out of obsession. Here are a few link building mistakes that you must avoid in order to succeed.

  • Stop buying links:

If you are buying links, then you must be careful because Google algorithm is smart enough to sense the toxins links. For instance, if you are buying the link from untrustworthy sources, then you are likely to get penalized for getting spam links. Therefore, make certain that you do not buy links. And that does not mean that it is immoral to buy, you can certainly buy a link but then, it has to be only from better domain authority sites.

  • Stop Guest blogging for the wrong site:

This is one of the most workable ideas that have been dominating the SEO market. It is like the thumb rule. However, a lot of people commit the mistake of guest blogging for everything and anything. You must draw the line between guest blogging for a purpose and guest blogging out of misplaced conviction.

Since guest blogging can make you reach a larger audience base, you should not blog for each site. For instance, it does not make sense to write for a shipping container prefab home building company if you are a fashion brand.

So, make sure that you find the right blogging site and check the domain authority to get better results.

  • More is not better:

A lot of people have this tendency of putting content mindlessly, sometimes they just overstuff just to confuse the reader. In the end, they end up creating irrelevant content. You should understand the fact that all you have to do is to publish relevant content. So, ensure that you scrutinize your content and remove all those contents that make things look stuffy and suffocating for readers.

  • Never getting the surprising element:

Redundancy can lead to boredom because people get exhaustive of reading the same old content in the same repeated format. Sometimes, you have to add some element of surprise to the content. That means you have to find out what kind of contents are performing better and think of ways to add some interesting elements. All you need to do is to use tools like buzzsumo to locate the best performing content and modify your approach.

  • Failing to understand seasonality:
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The users behave differently in different seasons. For instance, if you are a sports gear provider, you should consider top events like the soccer world cup. During those times, the mindsets of your customers are different. Therefore, you should craft content according to the season. You can also take advantage of other seasons like holiday season and election time to build better links.

  • Not personalizing outreach:

You need to get the fact that people your niche have a certain mindset, idiosyncrasies and psychological tendencies. Not personalizing your content for your outreach can have a damaging effect. It is advisable that you create content without giving a touch of personalization.

That means you have to find out what your customers like and what are their preferences. By looking at social media analytics, you can easily discover your users’ preferences and create better templates to attract more links.

  • Going gaga over reputation:

If you are thinking that only a site that has a number of outgoing links can help you in building better links, then you are wrong because your link is going to get lost in the sea of links. Undoubtedly, that is not a bad idea but it can be damaging. Hence, make sure that you find sites where your links have the chance of getting clicks. So, ensure that you investigate the site and find the right one to build quality links.

  • Failing to segment your outreach:

It is a common blunder people commit. If you are creating content to build quality links, then you should segment your outreach according to demographic, interest, educational background and earning capacity. This will help you in crafting content to cater to each sub-type of your outreach. It is likely for people to behave in a different manner in a specific niche.

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You cater to people who are fashion conscious does not necessarily mean that everyone would behave in the same way. So, target accordingly.

  • Quitting too early:

This is something quite natural to humans because humans have fallen into the habit of getting everything instantly. Undoubtedly, it is likely for your effort not to garner results. Ensure that you look at your link building efforts. It’s likely that you are not giving relevant content or not pitching rightly. All you need to do is to look at the analytics and link click-through rates to point out those mistakes and make necessary changes.

  • Going after competitors’ links:

If you are someone who thinks that copying your competitors’ link strategy can give you better mileage, then you are absolutely wrong because it can lead you to a dead end easily and perhaps too quickly.

All you need to do is to find out what is working for your niche and create a strategy that can help you in getting better links. There is nothing as unintelligent as copying your competitors’ strategy. So, ensure that you become a little analytical and craft strategy that can bring meaningful results as far as your conversion rate is concerned.

Undoubtedly, link building is the widely accepted strategy practiced by both small and big companies but then you have to stop committing those silly mistakes to capitalize on your strategy.

All you have too is to study your strategy, look at the digital landscape’s behavior because what is relevant today might find its way into the garbage bin soon. Therefore, you need to stay abreast of current changes and build better links by analyzing your strategy. Note that you have eliminated those mistakes from your strategy otherwise you will be wasting time and resources.

Author bio: Aella Johns is SEO expert at Ranking By SEO.