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10 Proven Ways to Make Money Online

10 Proven Ways to Make Money Online
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One doesn’t have to go to work at a physical location, to earn money, nowadays. Accessibility to the internet has made it possible for many people to make money online. A vast number of opportunities exist for you to try out.

If you choose to conduct research on, e.g., sample marketing thesis, you will get many results. The same applies for one who is searching for online jobs that you could undertake. The availability of massive options may be daunting to many.

However, we will make your search much more fruitful by listing down the opportunities and sites that you should check out.

  1. Selling on eBay

Some people love piling stuff in their homes. Notice, I used the term “stuff”; these are things that you have many of or can live without. Using eBay to sell the things you don’t need, opens your products to a vast market, due to its high traffic.

Restrictions on entry are minimal and thus results in competition. You, therefore, have to find a competitive advantage over other sellers with a similar product.

  1. Crowdfunding your project on Indiegogo

You may have an idea that you would like to make a reality but have no access to adequate funds to achieve that. You can use the Indiegogo platform to crowdfund your project. You need to start a campaign where you detail your idea using the resources provided.

It also gives you the option of continuing to raise money towards your project even after the campaign ends. You can choose to sell the materialized idea on its marketplace or using another avenue.

  1. Launch a Youtube Channel 

Many millennials have youtube channels, but not all of them make a pretty sum. However, there are those that make a massive amount from their YouTube Channels.

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You have to choose the area that you will specialize in your videos, e.g., fashion research topics. Set up your account and turn on the monetization on settings. Have a schedule for uploading your videos and be consistent, for you to be able to reap a considerable sum.

  1. Advertisements with Adsense

If you have a blog or website using a CMS platform, you can make money from the traffic to your content using Adsense. You first have to apply to the program to get approval. After approval, you are given an ad code to place anywhere in your content.

You will then be getting a certain amount to your account for each click or impression. Several rules govern the approval process. You should have at least 100 visitors and be publishing original content, for starters.

  1. Sell Photos on Shutterstock

You can make money online by selling your photos online. All you need to do is upload the photo(s) credited to you and wait for a client to purchase it. Shutterstock provides a vast pool of editorial images that different clients would like to include on their sites.

It gives you the option of licensing your posts, be it photos or videos. If you want to sell, your creativity and learn more about improving your ideas, this is the place to go.

  1. Affiliate Marketing on Amazon 

Amazon offers you a wide range of products that you can advertise on your site. You can choose from music to jewelry and fashion. You will be given a linking tool that will help you track your performance on marketing the different products and helping you monetize your website.

  1. Rent out a Room with Airbnb
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Many people are moving from booking hotel rooms to staying at a place during their vacation. You may want to go away for your marketing dissertation but not plan to stay at a hotel. The Airbnb platform allows you to list your space to potential clients once you create an account with them.

  1. Be a search engine evaluator with Google on Leapforce

 If you get hired by Google as a Search Engine Evaluator, you will be tasked with searching different terms and rating them. The rating criteria rely on the relevance, quality, and usefulness of the phrase. You will get unpaid training for a while before starting to make a decent sum.

Signup on Leapforce, then, sit their entrance exam. It is possible to make $1000 every month as a Search Engine Evaluator.

  1. Take a Survey on Clixsense

You can earn a few extra bucks by taking surveys on Clixsense. The studies are geared towards influencing the next generation of services, products, etc. You can also try out a new product and get paid.

  1. Sell old Stuff on Kijiji

If you have used stuff that is in working condition but is only filling up space in your home or room. You can sell them on Kijiji, especially if you are based in Canada. It has been in existence since 2005 and has a following that is rising fast.


Using the listed platforms, you will be able to make a considerable sum towards your expense and directly from the comfort of your home and access to the internet. Why don’t you get started?