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10 Reasons Why you Should Watermark Photos

10 Reasons Why you Should Watermark Photos
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You’ve probably read in many articles that you should watermark your pictures and how easy it is to make a watermark. Your friends may have already asked you multiple times: “Why don’t you watermark images? They may be stolen!” But have anyone ever told you specifically why it is a good idea to for example add a text to a photo? If not, read our article to find out. But first…

Watermark is a semi-transparent sign put on graphics, photographs or videos. It may have a form of a text or a symbol, or combined. It may be your company logo or your own name, may have background, color, or effects like shadow etc. So, let’s find out what are the reasons why you should watermark photos?

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10 Reasons Why you Should Watermark Photos

1. Watermark helps with brand propagation

Seeing a name on a picture or a video allows viewers to recognize the author. Watermark your image so people may remember your name or logo, even subliminally, and associate your watermark with your brand or your works. Anyone who wants to see more of your art, may type in the search engine the name and look for your website or contact information.

2. Watermark means that the photo is copyrighted

Without copyright, it is just another picture on the Internet, presumably under public domain mark, which means that no one actually knows who is the author. It also implies that it may be further used, which leads us to another point…

3. Watermarked pictures are more rarely stolen

Not watermarked picture can be remade or reproduced. Add a watermark to a photo to protect it from being used in a purpose you didn’t intended for it.

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Unfortunately even if you watermark your photo, it does not give you 100% certainty and safety – an image can be cropped or your watermark may be removed (although it requires more advanced skills).

4. Watermark removing could be very hard

Removal of a watermark is not that easy and requires using an advanced software. A watermark made with for example Visual Watermark protects also from automated watermark removal.

5. Well known artists were signing their art

Watermarking is not a new practice. Just think about great artist signing their works of art. If they wanted people to acknowledge who made it, why wouldn’t you? Create a watermark that stands out, but is subtle at the same time.

6. Most people have problems with removing watermarks

If they don’t come up with the idea of cropping the picture, you’re almost sure that your work is safe. A watermark, however, can be put anywhere in the picture (although do not to put it for instance in the middle or the vital point of your picture), therefore if you add a watermark in less obvious place than the side of the photo, your picture may avoid being stolen and ruined.

7. Watermark can be adjusted to a picture

If you’ve always associated watermarks with not aesthetically looking plain text or symbol on the picture, it is because you’ve seen watermarks poorly made. A good watermark is the one that perfectly blends in with the picture, looks classy, yet conveys a message that this belongs to someone. A professional watermark creator allows you to adjust your watermark to your picture, make it more or less transparent or prominent.

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8. You can easily add a watermark to photo

And when it comes to a professional watermark photo app, you may think that it requires some more advanced skills and experience, but with the help of proper software you’ll make a watermark in no time with materials you already have (like your brand’s logo), but if you don’t have any source materials, it’s alright too. Visual Watermark for example allows you to choose from a vast selection of fonts, icons, colors and effects.

9. Many popular CMS have plugins to add a watermark

You don’t have get any watermark software, since most CMS include a plugin that allows you to add a watermark quickly.

10. There are free apps allowing adding a watermark to photos

Watermarking your pictures won’t exhaust your wallet. There are plenty applications which are a) free, b) easy to use, c) safe. Lots of programs also offer a free 30-day trial.

That’s it! So what do you think? It’s definitely at least worth trying. You’ll learn that this is actually pretty simple and doesn’t cost a fortune.