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11 Link Buildings Technique in 2018

11 Link Buildings Technique in 2018
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Linking is considered important thing to make a rank of website. So let’s have a review at “11 Link Buildings Technique in 2018”. 

It is very challenging for particular website to rank at top without quality backlinks. In past article, spamming will help a lot to gain large web traffic but now rules are changed if spamming is found in website then it will be penalized. Website should cannot ignores link buildings practices in present. Here ten link building techniques will be discussed that will accomplish the goal of link building.

1 Review of product

If website is based on buying and selling of products the always implement the feature of product review that will provide visitor a complete and concise information of a products to the buyer. The manufacturer of products or through proper advertising agencies should generate the product review.

2 Info Graphics

InfoGraphics are becoming viral on many social media platforms on these days. This is the best way to bring one-way backlink to the website. Website company logo and company details should be added in infographic. It will help a lot to build the good image of brand. Infographics links should be submitted to social networks or newsletters so the audience will share it on their social media profiles.

3 Video Marketing

Video marketing becomes a powerful way of advertisement. Usually, peoples does not spend a lot of time to read about particular content. A video can efficiently convey the message to the audience. YouTube is most popular video entertainment website. All videos uploaded on YouTube have some content description area that explain about the purpose of uploaded video. If any website provide its link in description of video then this will be an effective back linking technique. YouTube viral and popular videos will help a lot to generate a huge web traffic

4 Podcasts

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A direct way to quality back linking is podcasts. Add transcript while podcasting, which contains website, links and other necessary information about website. The transcript should must consist of the concept of relevant content. Podcasting is best way of relationship building. The website can also build its own podcasts as well.

5 Citations and Dead Linking

Each visitor of Wikipedia has the authority to edit or add information on any content of website. Many dead links were find in Wikipedia that will be added to any website whenever they were suitable for it.Wikipedia is a very trustworthy website where different types of broken or dead links can be found. These dead links can be forwarded as well replaced. The best tool for finding broken link is Wiki grabber. Through this tool, different keywords can be searched.

6 Comparison with Competitors

Always track the moves of competitors. Check what type of contents they were providing and then try to provide better content to audience than them. The unique contents are the best way to generate website traffic.

7 Provide Web Directory Links

The website should must be added to the best web directory links. Bad web directory links have a negative effect on websites ranking. Well, known web directories are attached to informative websites that were relevant to the website content. On the other hand, some web directories provide no real value to users so Google has excluded them from its search engine.

8 Adding an Extra Material on Website

To grasp the more value always reuse the content in different formats like guides, video, info graphics, webinar recordings and podcasts from research. By the help of these, multiple content formats will help a lot to generate more links and move them further

9 BackLinks Maker Tool

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This technique was not useful until 2012, after that people started to use this technique to get quality backlinks. Backlink maker tools automatically generator high quality backlinks for your website. No Doubt it does not give a high push up for you website, but still people use it to get small benefit from it.

10 Role of Research Reports and Case Studies

The personal opinion of individual will matters if he/she will be belongs to the relevant field for a long time. However, on some cases, it does not work a lot. Sometimes it becomes preliminary thing to state facts and stats. It is often recommended that contents that will be share to audience should be includes research papers, case studies, literature reviews and furthermore comparisons with others. Fresh contents are critical in any industry. In research, based contents try to include relevant data, test results, charts and always link the sources of contents.  

11 Subscription of Newsletter

Many companies does not understand the importance of newsletter. Newsletter subscription will provide a great advantage while link building if it is used in proper manner. It will increase attention of clients and awareness of readers. The probability of sharing of content will increase if it consist of qualitative and interesting facts. Mount effective call to action button in newsletter.

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