12 Reasons You Should Buy an iPhone 8 Instead of an iPhone X

12 Reasons You Should Buy an iPhone 8 Instead of an iPhone X
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Have you bored with your iPhone 7 or any other oldest iPhone? Thinking about upgrading it to iPhone 8 but also feeling confused on which one is better between iPhone 8 and iPhone X? You are at the right place. Here, I have come up with 12 reasons you should buy an iPhone 8 instead of iPhone X.

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12 Reasons You Should Buy an iPhone 8 Instead of an iPhone X

Let’s take a peek at some of the best features of the iPhone 8 that will certainly convince you to buy it rather than the iPhone X.

1. The iPhone 8 is Cheaper Than the iPhone X

If you want to get a hold of a new iPhone that fits your needs and budget too then the price is the most obvious thing that you must consider before buying the one. The iPhone X is expensive than the iPhone 8, starting from £999. Conversely, you can buy an iPhone 8 at a less price, ranging £699 to £949. So, you can easily save almost £300 if you consider purchasing an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus.

2. The iPhone 8 Is Featured with A11 Chipset as the iPhone X.

Though the iPhone 8 and X have quite different looks, they are functionally identical since they are powered by the Apple’s latest 64-bit A11 Bionic chipset and the M11 motion Hexa-core processors. Both also possess a dedicated neural engine to support Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. However, the only difference is that iPhone 8 uses this advanced chip for its touch ID sensors, while iPhone X uses it for its Face ID scanner.

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3. Both iPhone 8 and X Run the Latest iOS 11

Apple uses the latest iOS 11 for both these iPhone models which means you can enjoy the same ecosystem, apps, and games on the iPhone X and 8 as well.

4. The iPhone 8’s Touch ID Is Better Than the Face ID System of the iPhone X

To ensure the user’s security, there are two different biometric sensors used in the both latest iPhone models; iPhone 8 has Touch ID sensors while iPhone X is blessed with Face ID system. But which one is better? Most of the experts point out that Face ID is less reliable than Touch ID sensor because it can stop working in some situations such as in the dark or if you make some changes to your face, or even if you wear glasses. On the other hand, the fingerprint scanner of the iPhone 8 is not only reliable and faster than the Face ID but also offer more features as compared to the iPhone X’s Face ID.

5. The iPhone 8 Supports Wireless Charging Just Like the X Model

The iPhone 8 series are featured with powerful and long lasting non-removable Li-Ion batteries and wireless charging capability same like the iPhone X. So, you can charge your phone with wireless charging mats and stations on different places such as cafes, hotels, and airport across the world.

6. The iPhone 8 Plus Features the World’s Best Smartphone Camera

The iPhone 8 Plus features a more advanced 12 Megapixel camera with more advanced capabilities including a new colour filter, a larger and faster sensor, and optical image stabilisation. The telephoto lenses on iPhone 8 Plus allow you to capture photos with optical and digital zoom.

7. Both the iPhone 8 and iPhone X Own an Identical Front-facing Camera

The FaceTime HD camera of the iPhone 8 works similar to the front-facing camera of the iPhone X loaded with the TrueDepth camera system. Both models enable you to take 7MP selfies and record videos in 1080p.

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8. If You Still Want the Home Button, Prefer Buying an iPhone 8

As you know that the iPhone X is the first iPhone in the history that does not have the home button. Although it is an appealing feature, if you want the latest iPhone with traditional home button, the iPhone 8 is absolutely for you.

9. The iPhone 8 Has Same Old Shape As Its Predecessors

The iPhone 8 is nearly identical to its predecessor, iPhone 7, as well it bears the same design as the iPhone 6. So, if you buy an iPhone 8 then you can use your old accessories. For instance, both the iPhone 7 and 8 have the same display size i.e. 4.7 inches, therefore, you can use the case of your old iPhone 7 for the new iPhone 8.

10. If You Want a Small Size iPhone, Model 8 is Absolutely For You

The iPhone X features a bezels-less, large screen display of 5.8 inches without a home button. But if it does not appeal you and you are looking for a small size iPhone then you should choose the iPhone 8. It has 4.7 inches display that makes it pocket-friendly and easy-to-use.

11. The iPhone 8 Ensures More Battery Life Than The iPhone X

Another feature that will compel you to choose iPhone 8 is the superior battery life. The iPhone 8’s battery can last up to 13-14 hours, hence, you can expect 14-15 hours of battery life for the iPhone 8 Plus model. On the other hand, the iPhone X supports an average of 12-13 hours of battery life.

12. The Glass Design of iPhone 8 Is Also Same to The iPhone X

Both these latest models are made of the most durable glass ever, both front and back. The only difference is that the screen size. Hence, the iPhone 8 looks perfect with a twist of traditional and modern techniques.