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17 Best Ideas to Source Programmers & Improve Your Recruitment Sourcing Strategy

17 Best Ideas to Source Programmers & Improve Your Recruitment Sourcing Strategy
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Candidate sourcing is a mechanism wherein you search for candidates proactively and don’t wait for candidates to apply for your job posts. Sourcing platforms can help you to tap passive candidates and build pipeline for your current and future job requirement.

First things first – track measure & improve your sourcing campaigns

Before you go through this curated list of sourcing platforms, you must start monitoring & measuring which sourcing channels or campaigns worked best for you.  The point is, there are numerous methods of sourcing candidates, and you need to continuously evaluate your channels based on your key metrics such as candidates on job performance, hiring ratio, & time-to-hire.

One right way to measure the performance of your sourcing channels is to track screening feedback from pre-employment assessment software like Interview Mocha. You can track the percentage of candidates that are able to pass through screening tests for each source. E.g., if you are sourcing for Java developers, a quick Java skill test can be given to each candidate for skill assessment. Keep track of candidates who can pass through the skill test using insights provided by the assessment software. This way, you will be able to evaluate your sourcing channels and keep improving your sourcing strategy.

Now, let’s come to the main point – let’s go through each sourcing site one by one and see how you can use it to tap potential candidates.

The latest & top talent sourcing channels to source great programmer

Amazing hiring gathers millions of profiles, online activities, work histories, and merges different profiles of the same person into a “consolidated profile.”  It collects data from social and professional networks, ATS, Github, StackOverflow to give you overall idea about candidate skills and activities. This platform will relieve you from the hassle of searching for a candidate profile on every platform and saving your time. You will also find more qualified technical talent than any other competing platform.

JobGo uses Big data to collect information about active as well as passive job seekers. You have to describe your requirement, and they will search and supply candidates which suits your requirement and are interested. You can pay once you decide to contact the candidates.

This platform uses a database of more than 450 million candidates to help recruiters search job fit candidates. It also provides connectifier auto search web browser extension that notifies recruiter whenever a candidate sees a job post. It can be used by LinkedIn recruiter customers.

Hiretual AI sourcing assistant helps recruiters to find candidates across 30+ platforms from 700 million+ database of candidates. Hiretual can provide information like compensation, likely fit, expertise, and the relativeness of candidate which are found on the LinkedIn platform. You can also integrate Gmail and outlook with Hiretual for immediate and direct contact with candidates.

Aevy helps recruiters to automate the process of sourcing. You can create a candidate persona in the platform and receive candidate suggestions based on persona. These candidates will get an automatic email and follow up emails and responses are delivered in your inbox. You can use Aevy chrome extension to get additional social media profile data.

  • Staffing Agencies:
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Staffing agencies which have expertise in technical hiring can be useful as they already have expertise in the process of collecting candidate database and screening those candidates for the skills as per the requirement of the client. This can reduce your time to hire giving you only qualified candidates who have the required skills and interest in your company.

  • Social Media:

Social Media channels are the best places to source passive candidates. Observe candidates interests and activities on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. Pay attention to your company branding so that candidates can get attracted to the company easily. You can get involved in discussions over different groups or communities and ask your employees to share job postings to social media.

  • Resume Parser:

Resume parsers extracts information from resumes and store it in a single format so that recruiters can read it easily. This can also help to reduce biases in the recruitment process as you can avoid parsing information, which may lead to an unbiased decision.

Daxtra parser helps to extract candidate information from email addresses, website portals, & shared network folders to CRM application. You can use features like multilingual cv parsing to extract resume data from different languages & geographical locations. It can be integrated with most CRM or ATS systems available in the market.

This parser helps to customize parsing as per the different needs of a client. Sovren also provides multilingual resume parsing and seamless API integration through REST or SOAP.

  • Employee referral

Employee referral is the most effective technique that you can use to source the candidate using the existing network of employees. The employee referral program can motivate your existing employees to suggest quality referrals that can add value to the company.

Simppler’s platform will help you to choose only the best candidates from referrals so that you save time following up each referral. Employees can connect their digital network to Simppler, and it enables machine learning driven referral recommendations.

Rolepoint offers automatic role matching feature which aligns employee’s contacts with their suitable role. It also offers internal mobility feature so that employees can apply internally to open positions.

  • Resume Database:

Resume database software will help you find candidate based on unique identifiers in your job description. You can search through the database and find candidates according to different skill-sets.

Zillion resumes offer a database of over 19 million employees providing thousands of skills and capabilities. Zillion resumes enables employers to preview resume before downloading it, notifies whenever a new resume is added and search candidates from any location.

This application helps you to store your resumes, interview history & feedback to a database. It also allows you to share resume and contact recommended candidates.

  • Recruiting Blogs:

You can follow some recruiting blogs to get insights on industries best practices in sourcing or recruiting. I have mentioned two examples of blogs you can follow.

LinkedIn talent blog will help you to get insights about sourcing best practices that are followed in the industry. These blogs are written by industry experts and truly can help you empower when it comes to sourcing.

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This blog focuses on providing information on social media recruiting strategy. You can find variety of useful blogs like tips on sourcing on LinkedIn, utilizing internal social media for better hiring, tips on recruiting and more.

AngelList provides a database of over 1 lakh active candidates, including 30,000 developers and adding more every day. AngelList allows recruiters and candidates both to show interest in each other before starting a conversation. This helps recruiters to invest time behind only relevant candidates.

  • MeetUp/Forum:

MeetUps or forums can be an effective sourcing platform as the developers with similar interest gather together to discuss in a group. There are different meet-ups for different technologies, and you can visit and search developers based on your skill-sets. For example, you can see various Java Meetups., AngularJS Meetups, Android Meetups. Posting jobs in different forums also works well. There are so many technical forums which serve as a sourcing platform for the recruiters. For e.g., a forum like Oracle Java Forum, Angular Forum can be used to find developers with excellent skills in Java & Angular.

Github is a social coding platform for developers. If you can observe carefully, you can get detailed information about the developer. You can look for websites (on which developer has worked), no of followers, repositories (open source development project that developer is posting on Github), contributions (other projects developer has made contributions). Observing all this information will give you an idea about if developer possesses the required skills you are looking for in a potential candidate.

StackOverflow is the biggest programmer’s community to answer and ask programming related questions. StackOverflow allows the user to rate other developer’s questions and answers. You can observe developers activities on Stackoverflow to find a suitable developer for your profile.

  • Recruiting automation platforms

Recruiting sourcing platforms helps recruiters to automate the process of manually sourcing qualified candidates. Recruiters can build a resource pool of active and passive candidates for future use.

Entelo uses big data to help recruiters identify, qualify, and engage talent. It provides email templates and scheduled emails to quickly contact passive candidates.

TalentBin provides access to 50+ sources where the recruiter can find candidates based on their interests and actions. You can directly contact candidates through an email and track no of candidates who opened an email and clicked on the link.

People Search is a chrome extension that collects candidate’s information from trusted sources and social media sources and provides you with candidate details like email-id and resume. You can also search for candidates with the specific skill set or professional background with the Boolean search.

If you want to tap great programmer before your competition, you have to equip yourself with effective sourcing channels which works wonder for you. Let me know which sourcing platforms you would like to use first? And how would you rate their effectiveness?

Author Bio: Nishi More is a Marketer and content writer at Interview Mocha. A writer who enjoys helping small businesses meet their hiring needs. When not writing she enjoys reading motivational books, latest trends in recruitment technology & explore new places.