20 Best Free Android Apps In 2017

20 Best Free Android Apps In 2017
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Who doesn’t love free things? And when it comes to apps that can modify life, free is more than welcome! Here are Android’s 20 free apps that you should install in 2017. If you are planning to create an app of yours, these will give you an idea of what to ask of from your mobile application development company.

20 Best Free Android Apps In 2017

1. Google Duo

Google duo

The app by tech giant Google is the new Skype and FaceTime. It allows users to have voice and video calls in real-time. What differentiates it from the other video calling apps is the ‘Knock Knock’ feature where you can see who is calling you and decide whether to take the call or not. Google Duo works on both Android and iPhone. The best part of the app is that it doesn’t ask you to sign in; all you have to do is enter your phone number.

2. Gboard


Another app by Google, Gboard is a keypad app. It allows light theming, gesture typing (swiping), emoji search, GIF support, voice typing, and many other features. Its most unique characteristic is built-in Google search, which lets you browse the web without exiting the keyboard. It also syncs between devices to see your saved words on the go.

3. Imgur


We all know how images and gifs are the mediums that are going to rule the world of content marketing and customer interaction. Imgur gives you a huge database of images, gifs, and all things entertaining. It also allows you to upload your own image or gifs. The app has your back when you are looking for a smart reply to that Facebook post.

4. Fast Speed Test

Fast Speed Test

With digitization becoming the talk of today’s economy, this app helps you in estimating whether your internet is up for it. It calculates the download speed on your phone’s internet by downloading items from your provider’s servers and then calculates the internet efficiency on your device. Fast Speed Test comes in handy when you are juggling between internet service providers.

5. Stop Motion Studio

Stop Motion Studio

If there is something that is all set to rule the world of content marketing, it is videos. But we all know how difficult it is to make videos that are engaging and shouts creativity, while not eating up our day. Stop Motion Studio is the app that helps you design motion videos from your fingertips. With the freedom to edit and insert new frames, the app is the best video creation tool for those looking to make Lego-like movies

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6. CamScanner


Moving towards a paperless world, CamScanner lets you scan and share everything on paper from receipts to notes and posters. The app enhances the image to make it easy for you to view what’s on it.

7. Forest


The much-needed app is for everyone who is tired of people complaining that they are always on phone and also for the ones who struggle with maintaining focus. After you set a timer, the app grows a tree from sapling when you keep your phone inactive for some time. Once you have gained thousands of coins, you can donate them to a series of actual plantation projects around the world.

8. Google Translate

Google Translate

The app clearly rules the other translation apps in the market. The app lets you translate over 100 languages and accepts inputs like image, sound, handwritten symbols, and text. The best part of the app is that it translates up to 52 languages even on the offline mode.

9. Narro


While it’s difficult to take out time to read all the trending topics’, listening to them on the other hand, is very time-saving. Once the app is installed, you just need to share any article on it from your browser and can have it read out to you.

10. VLC App


We know how annoying it gets when you try to open a video and it shows that the file format is not accepted. This app is the one stop solution for your different format issues. VLC App plays all your videos, irrespective of the file name and type.

11. Flytube


You know how when you are on YouTube watching a video and you get a message that you have to view/reply, and the video pauses? Now there’s an app that lets you see your video while working on a different screen. Flytube brings your video screen on top of whatever screen you are working on.

12. BitTorrent


The app gives you access to videos and music that are legalized to be streamed and watched. It has a wide mix of new and old content for you to stream through.

13. Android Pay

Android Pay

After being operational in the US, Android Pay is currently available in the UK. It works on contactless payment mechanisms with a NFC-enabled Android 4.4 or above device. With a number of banks now accepting payments from Android Pay, the app has become open to a large group of people.

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14. Boost+


If there is one thing that we desperately need when we have this plethora of apps on our Smartphone, it’s an app to boost the speed and clear some space. The app does just that. It lets you see the apps and documents that are taking up the majority of your phone apps and prompts you to delete them, thus clearing space and increasing the speed.

15. Timehop


The app allows you to dig up precious memories of the past. You can link it to the social media platform you visit most frequently and it automatically shows you what happened years ago on a particular date.

16. Citymapper


The hardest part of moving into a new city is finding your way around the city’s public transport. If moving to a new place is in your agenda this year, this app will help you in getting information of the rail, bus, and cabs, helping you understand where to get what to reach point A to point B.

17. 1Password


The app gives you a database for all passwords and robotically fills in the login fields, so you just need to remember 1Password’s password and you’re sorted. As for the devices running Android Marshmallow, you don’t even have to remember the 1Password credentials as it has a fingerprint support feature.

18. Kindle


You can easily make 2017 – the year of books, with Kindle. The Amazon app allows you to download and read thousands of books on the go with the feature of syncing it to other devices.

19. Prey Anti Theft

Prey Anti Theft

If your phone gets stolen or lost, you can use the Prey account to search for it on the map, lock it remotely, click pictures with the front and rear camera, trigger an alarm if it’s on silent and even display a custom message on its screen.

20. Twilight


For those who are glued to their phone, every waking second would know how the light that the phone emits can prove to be extremely bad for the eyesight. Twilight provides a fix, by adjusting the colour of the display with time. It allows you to customize the color profile and set it to automatic to make it change color as and when needed.

Blue Stacks is one of the apps that is worth mentioning here. The BlueStacks Download link is here for use on your desktop or laptop.

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