2018 Top Trends for Mobile App Developers to Boost Conversions

2018 Top Trends for Mobile App Developers to Boost Conversions
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Whether you’re looking for the movie ticket or a pizza, there’s an app for almost everything – and they’re more widespread than ever, with individuals spending more than 80 percent of their free time on apps compared to mobile websites. Most of the brands and businesses are planning various strategies to create something that meets the needs of potential customers. In this post, you will get top trends that you need to keep in mind while building mobile apps for your business.  Here are top tips that can help you build best-in-class, cross-platform native mobile app designs for your business.

Know the updated trends

This is imperative because having a thorough knowledge of trends help you to know what users, in general, expect the features of an app nowadays. As technology progresses you need to think of all your options and be alert to some of the engaging concepts for mobile app development.

Ensure your idea is irreplaceable before you start to build it. Always check the app store for a great and unique idea prior to spending time on manpower and money on building it.

Keep a Striking UI

A mobile application with a virtuous, striking and enthralling look is surely preferred relatively than an app which has a complete text design. An eye-catching UI is a must to keep the existing users engaged.

Use Good Typography         

It is very significant to use the right set of typography because it has a massive influence on different aspects of an app which embraces mood, readability, user involvement etc. Different ideologies of typography must be understood to form an attractive design for the mobile app.

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Use Eye-catching Colors and Logos

Using color combination in the right manner plays a crucial role in designing the app. A brand is primarily focused on the association you and your customers have with a particular product. Selecting a decent color aids to define that relationship in a very elusive and operational way. Use color in real branding ways. Remember one thing choosing logos and colors is not about your empathy for those shades, tints, etc. It’s about the emotional effect they have and what users like with it in terms of your brand individuality.

Involve Genuine Users          

It is essential to involve genuine users while determining the UI design ideas and ideas. This step should be done at an initial stage of development to lessen the chances of misperception associated with the features that which ones should be incorporated and which ones to let go.

Stick To the Android Guidelines

While finalizing the design of app’s user interface it is significant to stick to the Android user guidelines linked to the targeted OS.

Maintain Consistency in Elements

It is particularly important to uphold consistency for outlining the elements of the app. For example, if one of the buttons says, “click” is in a particular color; say red then all the buttons should be of that particular color. All screens should continue this uniformity. Proper space and size of buttons and icons also need to pay attention.

Easy to use functionality

This is one of the main parts of app development. Focus on app functionality. The more difficult the app is to navigate, the harder it is to use for the user. Consider checking the functionality if you have more of it to offer.

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To sum up

To conclude this section we can say that test your app, ask yourself; is this the right app? Does this app functionality be accurate? Make certain it fit into your own standards. If you love your own app, most possibly your users will love it too. Attaining success as a new Android App developer is not an easy job, but is not difficult either. And by using all the tips and trends in an effectual way, you can be one of them. While hiring process, you can hire android app developer having exceptional skills set or a team that can offer you right back up to accomplish the project.