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3 Great Ways to Make Your Instagram Feed Stand Out

3 Great Ways to Make Your Instagram Feed Stand Out
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In a landscape occupied by approximately 1 billion active monthly users, standing out on Instagram has never been more difficult. However, although there might be more people using Instagram than ever before, the appetite for unique, well-curated, and beautifully presented content has shown no signs of slowing down. When using Instagram to promote your brand, it is crucial that your profile offers something new. Let’s discover 3 great ways to make your Instagram feed stand out.

3 Great Ways to Make Your Instagram Feed Stand Out

Pick a Palette

A unifying feature across some of the most popular Instagram accounts is their commitment to a color theme throughout their feed. Although no singular color theme seems to win out, it seems that consistency is key to curating a cohesive profile with an enhanced overall aesthetic. It is no secret that we associate colors with feelings and emotions, and so some beauty accounts consciously adopt a pink color scheme that appeals to our desire for happiness and sweetness. Other popular palettes include whites, blues, reds, and browns.

When viewed individually, your photos might look spectacular, but when seen together it is still important that there is an element of consistency. Color palette themes do not have to be disciplined or uniform to be successful, however. Some accounts simply post content that contains an element of the same color or images with predominant colors that complement one another. These types of feeds have advantages in that they allow for more freedom and a gradual change of palette if necessary.

Plan Your Instagram Feed with a Visual Planner

One of the most effective ways of maintaining a consistent Instagram feed aesthetic is to know what your feed will look like before you hit publish. Vetting your content before it is posted allows you to work on color palette cohesion and can ensure that your posts are varied and do not clash. Another huge benefit of using an instagram visual planner is that you can switch around the order of your content to determine what looks best.

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If you are committed to using certain types of colors and images, or want to produce a horizontal, vertical, or checkerboard pattern, a visual planner can help turn these ambitions into a reality. A well-designed feed should be planned out and organised in advance so that you can work out the type of content you need to capture and how often you need to post. Instagram planners can also enhance your content management strategy by saving you time and streamlining your workflow. Above all, being able to schedule your posts can quickly turn into a lucrative opportunity for businesses in a variety of sectors and so planners are often seen as a worthwhile investment.

Know Your Audience

Your Instagram feed visually connects your brand to your customers and so if you want to achieve success using this social media platform, you must be clear about who your customer is. Aim to create an account that appeals to your followers by drawing them into your world and fostering a sense of belonging. As the curator of an Instagram account, your responsibility is to set a vibe, create a tone, and bring value into a crowded sphere.

Understanding that Instagram users have a life outside of social media is an important factor to keep in mind. Instagram users want to be informed and entertained and therefore your feed should be filled with attention grabbing content. When posting, ask why someone should stop to enjoy your content and try to target their emotions. Correspondingly, posts that incite awe, laughter, amusement, joy and inspiration appeal to our senses and interrupt the scrolling process.

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Instagram is a highly visual social media platform and therefore, in order to get ahead of the competition, your feed needs to connect with people in a unique way. Always carve out your own style and tell your own story, as this authenticity can breed loyalty and interest in your brand.

Curating an eye catching and cohesive feed is one way to grow your Instagram following. For more Instagram tips, take a look at this blog post that explains how e-commerce stores can perform better on Instagram.