4 Thrilling Upcoming Technology Advancements to Wait For

4 Thrilling Upcoming Technology Advancements to Wait For
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Technology advancement has become the most common word in the world right now.

It doesn’t matter which area and field you belong to; you are using some sort of technological wonder which is making your work easier and better.

That is why the world always remains excited about the next in technology and the same excitement also lead you to this article.

The future of the technology is uncertain because of so many developmental works in the world. You never know what comes from which part of the world.

That is why it is important to stick to those things with which majority of the technological development depends on.

Following are the four thrilling upcoming technological advancements for which we all are waiting for.

1. Improved storage and accessed capabilities of Computers:

In the late 80s era, The Cray-2 was the fastest computer ever made which has the size as a washing machine.

Now, a device with all the features of Cray-2 can be worn on the wrists. Because of the mobile devices and wearable techs, the day is not far when we all can carry the super computer in our pocket.

Today the storage devices are shrinking, and now we have the mobile devices with the terabyte data storage capability.

Moreover, the 43% of world’s population is connected to the internet. The majority of them are from the developed countries.

According to the UN goal of global connectivity, they want to connect the whole world with the affordable internet till 2020.

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This will help the world to overcome a lot of issues like low literacy rate and deaths due to insufficient knowledge about the disease.

2. Big Data:

Whenever you search something on the Google, buy it and pay it through your protected card, each and every click you make is leaving a trail behind which can be analyzed and monetized.

This all comes under the big data. This big data with the help of supercomputers and making the artificial intelligence better and better.

The supercomputers and different algorithms are making a pattern of this massive amount of data which is generating in every second which is going to make the computer processors as powerful as the human brain in next ten years.

However, this is something which we should appreciate. Having a computer processor with the ability to work like a human brain means that it can also do your job.

If you are a writer, designer or the marketer, a computer with the human brain power can do all of these things without asking for a monthly paycheck and other allowances.

Moreover, according to two Oxford researchers, 47% of American jobs are at high risk due to this big data development.

3. Health will be digitalized:

It is important to know the history of the patient before prescribing him the medicines or cautions for the future.

In the same way, analyzing the medical data collected from the different populations and demographics helps the researchers to understand the patterns and connections in the diseases.

This is another use of big data. The supercomputers will able to help the doctors to predict the future of the patient through which the doctor can take all the precautions even before any mishap.

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4. Reality will become Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality has already become one of the fascinating wonders of the technology.

It is not only a tool for entertainment, but it has become an important part in the schools and colleges for education.

Moreover, people are working on the wrap-around goggles free VR gadgets with an immersive 3D VR environment with a broad field of view.

There is an American Startup which is working on the augmented pixel technology, and they also claim that it will not require any screen to run.

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