5 best Android Apps for 2016

5 best Android Apps for 2016
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5 best Android Apps for 2016

Here we are going to list the 5 best android apps for 2016. These apps are very necessary and people are very pledge that they cannot live without. As these apps are most famous with android and if you are looking of more best applications these apps will assume that you have this stuff already.  So without any further delay here are the best android apps of all the time.

1. ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer

The Es File Explorer has been there from Google old days and it has been consistently growing, developing and improving ever since. This application is completely free to use as android lovers are using without any catch but now it comes with a pro option that has added new features in it. This apps has plenty of features such as

  • FTP support
  • Multimedia support of playback
  • Root explorer
  • Easily zipping and unzipping various archives
  • SMB support
  • Support of cloud storage
  • Bluetooth file browsing
  • Webdav support etc and a lot more
  • Remote file management


2. Evernote


The evernote is also a very strong and powerful note taking app which has been ever created. It comes with tons of amazing features with:

  • Creating lists
  • Inserting video/Images
  • All the stuff can easily be synced to cloud where it can easily be accessed to any web browser

It also has amazing function of collaborating if you need and it will wrap it for you in material design. The in-app purchases are for premium users; the subscription gives you further features such as privacy option, offline access and PDF annotation.

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3. Google Drive


Google Drive

This Google drive application is a cloud storage solution which is available on android. The newly registered users can get free space up to 15 GB and you can buy more if you need. The Google drive is very outstanding app because the other suites of applications are attached in it. It includes:

The most remarkable features of these apps are live collaboration, compatible with Microsoft office docs and features deep sharing.

4. Google Now

Google Now

The Google Now is the most authoritative tool offers personal assistance and available anywhere. The app has been debuted years ago and it is the best personal assistant application that tells you about

  • Weather
  • Gives you news piece of writing regarding your interest
  • Managing information about your plane flight
  • Offers access of voice searching

This is the app which is Google consistently updating to give more new features and information even faster ever before.

5. Google Play Music

Google Play Music

The Google Play Music is a very special application. Of course there are a lot of apps that can play music and there are a lot of streaming applications that can stream content for you. But, do you know how an app can combine these two concepts? Yes, Google play music can do this for you by offering you to upload 50,000 of your own (non DRM) songs on Google’s cloud for absolutely free from wherever you want.

With just $9.99/month you can get a streaming service, upload 30 million songs, supporting playlists and various radio options. With a YouTube red option, it removes ads from YouTube and helps you to have a true amazing experience. As you know YouTube itself a worth app having whether you purchase subscription or not.

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